Access Info

PKI Access Information

Access to secure (no-public) NAVSUP-owned content, sites, tools, training or systems requires the use of a DoD compliant Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate and registration with the NAVSUP master directory. In some cases, a System Access Authorization Request (SAAR) form is be required to obtain role-base access (RBAC) to a NAVSUP-owned system. Please refer to the "more info" link for a particular system off the MyNAVSUP Systems page for additional access requirements.

How to Get a PKI

All DoD Civilians, Military, Contractors and Foreign National (FN) employees receive a PKI certificate on issuance of their Common Access Card (CAC). Also, companies who align with the Federal Bridge Certificate Authority (FBCA) program issue their employees DoD complaint certificates (X.509). Both of these groups can simply register their PKI certificate with NAVSUP to get started.

All others must obtain a DoD PKI certificate via an approved External Certificate Authority (ECA). Contractors or vendors not working at a DoD facility can obtain a certificate from one of the authorized External Certification Authorities listed below:

  1. Operational Research Consultants (ORC)
  2. IdenTrust

Click here to learn more about the ECA program.

How to Register your PKI with NASVUP

Once you've acquired a PKI certificate your next step is to register your PKI (identity) certificate with NAVSUP. You can register your certificate on-line at the following site:


Once you have registered your PKI certificate you obtain baseline access to the MyNAVSUP intranet. MyNAVSUP is NAVSUP's internal gateway for secure content, sites, tools, training and systems. Each secure resource may require additional steps to request and gain access. Please follow any directions at the site/tool/system level to obtain approval for access.

Resource Links

Role-based access (RBAC) to most secure NAVSUP resources typically requires an approved System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) form and ,for some contractors/business partners/vendors, a Nondisclosure Agreement is required. Below are links to sample forms for use. Please refer to any site or system specific access request rules for obtaining proper access.