NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Norfolk

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Contracting Department (200)
1968 Gilbert Street
Suite 600
Norfolk, VA 23511-3392

FY18 Appropriation

On February 9, 2018, President Donald Trump signed a FY18 Continuing Resolution that provides funding through March 23, 2018. This information will be updated as additional details become available.

Geographic Area of Responsibility

All CONUS east of the Mississippi River not otherwise assigned (includes Millington TN), Europe and Middle East/Southwest Asia requirements with U.S. vendors.


Procurement Performance Management Assessment Program (PPMAP) Office

Procurement management is provided by our Norfolk VA and Charleston SC offices. This portion of the department provides assistance to the many activities with purchase authority within our region, including purchase card program oversight.

Requisition Status

Command/Site NAVSUP FLCN Site Director
NAVSUP FLC Norfolk Contracting Department (757) 443-1601
Philadephia Office (215) 697-9550
Groton Office (860) 694-2805
Great Lakes Office (847) 688-6975 x27
Deputy for Small Business (Norfolk) (757) 443-1435
Deputy for Small Business (Philadelphia) (215) 697-9555
PPMAP Office (757) 443-2063

One Touch Support (OTS)

Global Distance Support Center (GDSC)
Phone: (877) 418-6824 (Toll Free)

Contracting Department Customer Assistance Desk
Phone: (757) 443-1378 / DSN 646-1378
Phone: (757) 443-1367 / DSN 646-1367
Fax: (757) 443-1376 / DSN 646-1376

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