NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Norfolk

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Supply Management

One big advantage to allowing NAVSUP FLC Norfolk to manage your material is that needed inventory would be stock funded.You pay only for what you use and your operating funds are not tied up in material inventory. It also frees up your personnel to enable them to focus on your command's mission. NAVSUP FLCN will manage these inventory functions for you:

  • Point of entry/volume
  • Consumer level inventory & positioning
  • Consumer level warehousing and delivery
  • Replenishment & local purchase
  • Repairables management
  • Material turned in to store - MTIS
  • Packing & preservation - P&P

NAVSUP FLCN also operates Focus Stores, Ready Supply Stores, Pre-expendable Bins, and shop stores management. Besides normal stock management, NAVSUP FLCN manages special commodities like narcotics, controlled drugs, precious metals, classified and crypto materials, gas cylinders and lumber. Total area material asset visibility is a goal of NAVSUP FLCN. It would provide the ability to know where material is physically located, which would benefit every customer and reduce redundancy or inventory.

SMD Regions

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