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Welcome to the Official Navy Household Goods website. Information contained on this website is Navy specific entitlements, however, the basic move process applies to all DoD services.

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DPS Web browser Compatibility - Apr 15
First step to the moving process is to ensure your computer browser is compatible with the Defense Personal Property System. The attached explains how to check your browser.

Uploading documents in DPS effective 22 Nov 16
The Defense Personal Property System (DPS) has added a new function that allows you to upload ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS. The attached guide will explain the process and show samples of uploading documents For step-by-step instructions on submitting an application, please review our guides by clicking the DPS tab at the top of the page.

Navy Personnel

Please read the below information and then CLOSE this window before returning to your open DPS application web page.

Who Should NOT be using DPS?

If you are doing any of these following shipment types, contact your local Personal Property Shipping Office (PPSO). To locate the nearest office click here and type in your state for a list of available offices.

  • If you are moving personal property as "Next of Kin"
  • Summary Courts Officer
  • Joint Moves (if you are in two different services, each member creates separate move application) If you are unsure of your eligibility to use DPS, please call the Household Goods Customer Contact Center at 1-855HHG-MOVE (855-444-6683) or email

DPS CAN is used for:

  • Self-Counseling ? eliminates the need to visit a Household Goods (HHG) or Personal Property Shipping Office (PPSO).
  • Manage your HHG shipments online: schedule delivery; request to extend storage entitlements; check the status of shipment(s); file Loss/Damage claims online and complete your Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS)

Personally Procure Move (PPM) information:

  • Navy members separating in a "non-pay status" are not eligible for an advance payment.
  • First-time Movers are not eligible for an advance payment.
  • Locations serviced by the One-Time-Only rate program are not eligible to do a PPM.
  • All other Navy members must provide a copy of a vehicle rental reservation or Transportation Service Provider?s estimate to be eligible for a funds advance.

      REQUIRED after entering information into DPS:

      • Applications are NOT processed until ALL supporting documents have been received at the origin counseling office.
      • Required documents are:
        • A copy of your orders
        • Basic HHG shipment (where a TSP is assigned): dd Forms 1299 & 1797 (these forms are available for printing at the end of the DPS application process). A SIGNED application form MUST BE received before your shipment can be processed.
        • Supporting documents may include order modifications, page 2, power of attorney, Enlistment Contract/Appointment Letter, etc

      Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS)


      The CSS is the only way to score your moving process. This tool is used to rate the Transportation Service Providers (TSP aka moving company). Only quality moving companies are eligible to handle military moves. Complete a CSS for each and every shipment.

      Go to, log into your DPS account, click the tab marked "Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS)" and answer the 12 questions to evaluate your move.

      Contact Information:

      DPS ( Help Desk technical assistance: 800-462-2176 option 5; commercial at 618-220-7332; or DSN at 312-770-7332; or

      Entitlement assistance: contact your local Household goods (HHG) Personal Property Shipping Office (PPSO) or the Navy HHG Customer Contact Center at 1-855-HHG-MOVE (855-444-6683) or email

Moving Acronyms / Glossary

Continental US
Consolidated Personal Property Shipping Office
Customer Satisfaction Survey
Defense Finance and Accounting Service
Electronic Funds Transfer
Full Replacement Value
Household Goods (personal items to be packed/shipped)
Joint Federal Travel Regulation
Joint Personal Property Office
Joint Travel Regulation
Military Claims Office
Non-Temporary Storage (long term storage)
Outside the Continental United States
Professional Books Papers and Equipment (also known as Pro Gear)
Permanent Change of Station
Personally Procured Move (formerly known as DITY)
Personal Property Office/Personal Property Shipping Office
Storage-in-Transit (temporary storage)
Traffic Management Office
Transportation Service Provider (aka moving company)

For a more detailed list go to

What do I need to get started

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How To Read Navy Orders

Where is the order number or effective date of orders? If you need more guidance, please review the attached presentation.

DETAILED Presentation on How to Read Navy Orders


For assistance email or call 855-HHG-MOVE (855-444-6683)

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