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Defense Personal Property System (DPS)
Step-by-step Guides

DPS is the system that is used to create your shipment application(s). Below are how-to guides that can assist with creating shipment applications, everything from a Household Goods shipment, retirement, Non-Temp Storage, etc.

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DPS Initial Process (profile, orders, password)

Basic Password Information How to obtain your initial password to create your move application (Updated April 2017).

Profile and Orders
How to establish a profile in Defense Personal Property System (DPS) and enter or update orders.

Forgot DPS User ID or Password (October 2017)
Need a new USER ID?

DPS Technical Issues
Having trouble logging into the Defense Personal Property System (DPS)? Are you receiving error messages when logging in? Take a look at some helpful technical issues and tips on how to fix them!

DPS - Self-Counseling

Access to DPS
Now that you have a password how to access/start the move application.

Unknown CIty
The city that you are moving to or items delivered is not listed in DPS - what should you do?

No delivery address
You don’t have a delivery address for your personal items - what are the options?

Choosing a GBLOC
Tips for choosing the correct GBLOC for your pick-up or delivery locations.

Create a HHG Shipment (March 2017)
Screen shots and information to assist with creating your Household Goods shipment.

Create a PPM Shipment (March 2017)
Screen shots and information to assist with creating your Personally Procured Move (PPM).

Create Dual Military Shipment
How to create a shipment if both members are active duty.

Multiple shipments
Guidance for creating more than one shipment on a single set of orders.

How to Cancel a Shipment Application in DPS
Step-by-step instructions for cancelling a shipment request in DPS

Requesting a Reweigh
This guide will walk you through the steps for creating a reweigh request in DPS


Non-temp Storage (NTS aka long term)
Are you eligble for Non-temporary Storage (NTS)? Primarily entitled if moving overseas.

Storage In Transit (SIT aka short term)
Are you eligble for Storage In transit (SIT aka short term)? If so, what are the rules.

Based on your orders, which storage should be selected, is any?

Non-temp Storage Release Guide
This guide explains how to ask for your long term storage possessions to be delivered.


Shipment Management
Want to know where your move application is in the process? Or who is the Transportation Service Provider (TSP aka moving company)?


CSS How-to-Guide
This guide will walk you through the steps for completing your CSS in DPS.


Things to know BEFORE you move
Top 5 items to know before your personal belongings are packed.

Things to know AFTER a move
Do you need to file a claim? Top 5 key items to know before filing a claim.

Claims Process
Guide to show how to file a claim on your recent move; accepting a claim and how to check status on your claim.


How to Locate TSP Contact Information
This guide shows you how to locate the assigned Transportation Service Provider (TSP) contact information.

For assistance email or call 855-HHG-MOVE (855-444-6683)

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