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This page is dedicated to quick reference material. Everything from the moving application to staying at military lodges during your drive across country. Also, helpful links to family related items: Fleet and Family Support Center; Military One Source; Military Installations, etc. If you have a link that you feel would be good to add to this page, please contact us by using the button in the upper right corner.

Moving Tools

Helpful Links to assist during the moving process.Items listed below, click on the Blue title words to open the link.
Click on the BLUE titled items below to open the links.


Defense Personal Property System (DPS) Password
1st time using
Forgot DPS Password
Need a new password for DPS?
NOTE: scroll to the bottom of the page, click the red exclamation point
DoD Household Goods
Move application
Locate Personal Property Shipping Office
Not sure where to drop of your shipping documents
NOTE: type in state and press ‘Go‘ for a complete list of Personal Property Shipping Offices


Navy Moving Entitlements
Joint Travel Regulations (JTR)
DoD moving entitlements
Personal Property Consignment Instruction Guide (PPCIG)
Moving Overseas? Select ‘Country Instructions‘ tab and use drop-down menu to locate host nation specific information (i.e. pet quarantine, furniture limits, vehicle, firearms, alcohol, etc.)


POV Locator
Instructions for dropping off/picking up a POV
Shipping a POV
Booklet on what can or cannot be shipped; condition of vehicle, etc.
Storing a POV
Booklet to assist with storing your vehicle; things to look for, etc.


Navy Lodge
Source for all Navy Lodges
DoD Lodges
Source for all DoD lodges by city


Department of Transportation
Hiring a carrier?A tool to assist with protecting your move is thisDepartment of Transportation site.Ithas tons of information and can show you data on a company you may be looking to hire, like:performance and/or complaints.
Personally Procured Move (PPM) Claim Status
Check the status of Personally Procured Move (PPM)


It‘s Your Move for Military
Basic entitlements, member and carrier responsibilities and additional moving information.
It‘s Your Move for Civilians
Basic entitlements, member and carrier responsibilities and additional moving information.


Weight Estimator
Need assistance with calculating an estimate for your weight?This site allows you to select some large pieces as well as basic items.Keep in mind this is just an estimate.
Weight limits
What is your authorized weight limit?This chart shows weight limits by grade and dependents.


Exceptional Family Member (EFM)
Need information on the Exceptional Family Member Program, Military OneSource is a great place to start or to check with your Special Needs Coordinator at current or new destination.
Military Installations
Site provides information such as:base information, household goods, child care, etc. Select your state and then base.
Military One Source
One Stop for information on military life.Financial guidance, individual or family counseling, career opportunities, child care resources, base welcome packages, etc.
Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC)
Looking for specific assistance at your location, FFSC can help with a variety of topics like:new spouse orientation, information on your location, job opportunities, budget assistance, etc. If asked to provide user name and password select cancel.
Navy Exchange (NEX)
Did you have to leave behind cleaning supplies, mop/brooms, etc? Well check out the NEX for great deals.

Authorized Weight Allowance

Officer Personnel

Pay Grade With Dependents Without Dependents TDY
O-10 to O-6 18,000 18,000 800-1,000
O-5/W-5 17,500 16,000 800
O-4/W-4 17,000 14,000 800
O-3/W-3 14,500 13,000 600
O-2/W-2 13,500 12,500 600
O-1/W-1 12,000 10,000 600

Enlisted Personel

Pay Grade With Dependents Without Dependents TDY
E-9 15,000 13,000 600
E-8 14,000 12,000 500
E-7 13,000 11,000 400
E-6 11,000 8,000 400
E-5 9,000 7,000 400
E-4 8,000 7,000 400
E-1 to E-3 8,000 5,000 250
Aviation Cadet 8,000 7,000  
Service Academy Cadet/Midshipmen   350  


Top 10 items to remember about claims

  1. Ensure high value/high risk items are identified on the inventory sheets.
  2. Get appraisals before the move, if needed.
  3. Ensure inventory sheets are properly completed.  Example:  Large TV could mean various things, if true it should state  “65’ Flat Panel TV”  with make, model and serial number.
  4. REVIEW inventory sheets THOROUGHLY before signing. 
  5. You MUST file your claim against the TSP within 9 months of delivery in order to qualify for Full Replacement Value (FRV). 
  6. Have plenty of help on pack out and delivery days.
  8. Note any damage or loss on the delivery day
  9. You MUST acknowledge receipt of high value/high risk items
  10. You have 75 days following delivery to note any loss or damage not identified at the time of delivery. 

For additional information on claims, please go to our Time To Move Tab/Claims.

Contact the Navy Personnel Claims Unit (PCU) should you have any questions about negotiations, offers made by the TSP, time frames for TSP responses, or transferring your claim.  Contact information is:  (888) 897-8217; Comm (757) 440-6315; DSN: 564-3310 or email:



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I register for DPS and log in?
Users must first obtain a password and user ID. Click here for our step-by-step guide "Obtaining a User ID & Password"

Why can‘t I access my DPS account?
Users should first ensure they are using an operating system compatible with DPS. DPS only works with Internet Explorer versions 6/7/8, Firefox 3.6 and Safari 4.x. If the correct browser is being used, check to ensure that popup blockers are turned off BEFORE logging in to DPS. Users may also call the DPS Help Desk at 1-800-462-2176 (option 5). The DPS Help Desk is available 24/7 to assist with technical issues.

I forgot my DPS password - what do I do?
Users can find instructions for requesting a new password by clicking the words “Forgot Password” at the top of the page OR by clicking the red box with an exclamation point on the ETA home screen.

How do I submit an application for a household goods (HHG) move?
After creating a profile and entering orders information see our guide “Create a HHG Shipment

How do I get my NTS shipment delivered?
Members must submit an online application using the Defense Personal Property System (DPS) to request the release of their NTS shipment.

I submitted my application but no one has contacted me yet; what do I do?
If members have not received a confirmation email regarding their shipment request within seven (7) business days from the pickup date, they should contact the responsible origin counseling office. **Remember – applications cannot be processed until orders, signed DD Forms 1299 & 1797, and other supporting documents have been received.

Where do I find my DD Form 1299 and 1797?
DD Form 1299 (Application for Shipment and/or Storage) and DD Form 1797 (Counseling Checklist) can be printed by logging into your DPS account. Once logged in, click the Self-Counseling” tab, locate the correct orders number and click the printer icon in the ‘Action’ column. (Applications cannot be processed until SIGNED forms and orders are received.)

I don‘t have a delivery address - how do I finish my application?
You do not need to have an actual delivery address to finish your application. The street address line may be left blank; enter a good contact phone number and indicate the city/state of destination. Click here for our guide on navigating DPS if you have no delivery address.

Why does DPS show an excess cost?
There are several reasons why DPS might show an excess cost. Do not let this prevent you from submitting your application. Excess costs may be assigned if the member has exceeded their weight entitlement, request pickup or delivery to a location other than authorized or have multiple shipment requests under the same orders number. For additional guidance please email Please provide members’ name and last four of SSN so staff can locate shipment in question.


How do I change my move date?
If the shipment has been awarded to a Transportation Service Provider (TSP or carrier), member will finalize dates directly with them. If the shipment has not been picked up, members will need to contact the origin Personal Property Office.

Do I have to tip my movers?
There is no rule regarding the tipping of your movers however, if your movers/packers request a tip, you should immediately contact the responsible Personal Property Office.

How do I locate a personal property office?
Members may consult the Personal Property Consignment Instruction Guide (PPCIG) to locate their nearest Personal Property Office. The PPCIG provides address, phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses. Click here for the PPCIG. When the page populates, select the state from the drop down menu, enter the County/City (optional), and click submit.


How do I submit an application for a Personally Procured Move (PPM)?
After creating a profile and entering orders information see our guide “Create a PPM Shipment”

How many weight tickets do I need?
Per NAVSUP instruction, Navy members must submit a full weight ticket from their origin location and a full AND empty weight ticket from their destination location. Weight tickets must be from a certified scale and be signed by a Weigh Master. Members should write their name and the last four digits of their SSN on all documents submitted with their claim packet (i.e., weight tickets, rental contract, receipts, etc.).

Where can I find a certified weight scale?
Go to:

Can I receive an advance on my PPM?
Members who use a rental truck/trailer to perform their PPM may request an advance unless they are separating from service. Members who use their own POV to perform their PPM are not authorized an advance operating allowance.

I submitted my PPM claim and haven‘t heard from anyone.
Members can check the status of their claim at Navy HHG Audit


How much storage can I have?
Members who ship household goods are entitled to 90 days of temporary Storage-in-Transit (SIT). SIT may be used at origin, destination or an in-between location (your Transportation Office will decide). Members may request an additional 90 days of storage however ALL requests are being scrutinized carefully. Requests will not be approved for the members’ convenience (i.e., awaiting a house being built, smaller housing chosen, etc.).

My movers unpacked and didn‘t take the boxes with them - now what?
The TSP is required to remove all packing materials and boxes on the day of delivery ONLY. If a member elects to unpack their belongings, the TSP is not required to return and pick up debris after the day of delivery.

How do I get a storage extension?
If members need an extension for storage they must contact the responsible Personal Property Office or email for further instruction. Members should include a copy of orders and a completed DD Form 1857 (please include the type of storage – temporary or long term – and the location (city/state) of where items are being stored)

I’m a retiree, how can I extend my shipping entitlement
If separating/retiring members are requesting an extension of their shipping entitlement for medical or educational reasons, a written request, separation/retirement orders and supporting documentation should be sent to the responsible origin Personal Property Office. If separating/retiring members are requesting an extension for any other reason, they should submit an email to BOTH AND The email should describe the reason for the request and include a copy of separation/retirement orders and any other supporting documents. THIS DOES NOT EXTEND YOUR STORAGE ENTITLEMENT.

Who do I call to arrange delivery of my shipment?
Delivery arrangements are made between the member and the assigned Transportation Service Provider (TSP). Members may submit a delivery request online in DPS or contact their TSP directly to schedule a delivery.

Who delivers my POV?
Members make arrangements to pick up their vehicle directly with the Vehicle Processing Center (VPC). To locate the nearest VPC and schedule pickup, visit If the POV was shipped with household goods, members will make delivery arrangements with the assigned Transportation Service Provider (TSP).

How do I locate a personal property office?
Members may consult the Personal Property Consignment Instruction Guide (PPCIG) to locate their nearest Personal Property Office. The PPCIG provides address, phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses. Click here for the PPCIG. When the page populates, select the state from the drop down menu, enter the County/City (optional), and click submit.


How do I submit a claim for damages?
Click here for instructions on our website on submitting a DPS claim. Additional information on claims may be found at

I submitted my damage claim and haven’t heard from anyone.
If DPS was used to arrange the shipment, claims for loss/damages are submitted online using DPS. The Transportation Service Provider (TSP) will review the claim online and communicate settlement directly through DPS. The TSP has sixty days to pay, deny or make an offer of settlement on the claim. If an offer is accepted, the TSP has 30 to make payment. If the member has not heard from their TSP within that timeframe they should notify the responsible destination Personal Property Office. Members may also transfer part or all of the claim to their Military Claims Office (MCO). Navy MCO can be contacted by email at For additional information on claims click here.


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