NAVSUP Headquarters

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NAVSUP Headquarters

NAVSUP's mission is to provide supplies, services, and quality-of-life support to the Navy and Joint warfighter. We manage supply chains that provide material for Navy aircraft, surface ships, submarines and their associated weapons systems. We provide centralized inventory management for Navy's non-nuclear ordnance stockpile. We provide a wide range of base operating and waterfront logistics support services, coordinating material deliveries, contracting for supplies and services, and providing material management and warehousing services.

We are responsible for many of the Quality of Life programs that touch the lives of Sailors and their families every day, including Navy Exchanges, Navy Lodges, the Navy Personal Property Program, and the Navy Postal System. We administer the Navy Food Service Program, with responsibility for the policies and procedures that govern the day to day operations of general messes afloat and ashore.


Assistant Commander (ACOM) for Supply Chain Management Policy & Performance The ACOM for Supply Chain Management Policy & Performance (N4) provides policy, direction and oversight to NAVSUP Enterprise global logistics operations, ensuring that Navy Supply Systems provide responsive logistics support to Fleet and shore commands both in peacetime and wartime.

For more information contact: (717) 605-6910

Corporate Operations (N1/N5)

The Assistant Commander for Corporate Operations within the NAVSUP Headquarters directs operations in the areas of as talent management and administration, strategy, innovation, data analysis, process improvement, security, safety, facilities, small business programs, and the execution of the Department of Navy (DON) Card Management Program.

The Secretariat Division is responsible for program management of NAVSUP’s correspondence/taskers and directives portfolio, and NAVSUP Enterprise's electronic and records management. The Secretariat is responsible for the standardization and control of the flow of correspondence and taskers within NAVSUP, from cradle to grave. This group also manages NAVSUP's directives portfolio, ensuring currency. In addition, it oversees records management responsibilities for the command and serves as the NAVSUP Enterprise Total Records and Information Management (TRIM) administrator.

For more information contact: (717) 605-3400

Enterprise Logistics Engineering (N6)

Enterprise Logistics Engineering provides information management/information technology certification and budgeting; enterprise supply chain and customer systems applications support; Enterprise business systems solutions and management; and Navy information technology policy, guidance and leadership.

For more information contact: (717) 605-9329

Contracting (N7)

NAVSUP Contracting (N7) is the strategic leader for the NAVSUP contracting community and is tasked with providing a framework for the delivery of contracting services across the Navy Field Contracting System (NFCS). NAVSUP N7 serves as the Head of the Contracting Activity (HCA) principal staff for contracting policy matters, operational review and specific approval actions; acts for the HCA in the management of contracting and purchasing matters under the purview of NAVSUP. This includes contracting support throughout DoN for which no other contracting activity, office or command is delegated contracting authority.

For more information contact: (717) 605-7293

Financial Management and Comptroller (N8)

NAVSUP N8 is cognizant over all financial planning, programming, budgeting, accounting, allocation, control and execution of resources and funds within the NAVSUP Enterprise and provides a single point in NAVSUP for direction and management control of financial requirements and resources. NAVSUP N8 also directs financial resource planning, programming, budgeting and control.

For more information contact: (717) 605-6493

Reserve Affairs (N9)

NAVSUP N9 acts as the Total Force principal advisor to the Commander and Vice Commander, NAVSUP for Reserve matters. As as the primary point of contact to the Director of Navy Reserve and Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command (CNRFC) on Reserve matters, NAVSUP N9 provides broad guidance to all NAVSUP activities regarding Navy Reserve manpower requirements determination, training and Navy Reserve personnel utilization. NAVSUP Reserve affairs also assists the Reserve Supply Corps officer community with official record updates and provides support to the Direct Commission Officer board process. NAVSUP N9 oversees the Supply Corps Full Time Support (FTS) detailing and career management processes.

For more information contact: (717) 605-4178

Office of General Counsel (NOGC)

Serves as the Command Counsel, the principal attorney and legal advisor to the Commander, and the Vice Commander, NAVSUP. Provides legal advice and assistance to senior management officials of the command and field activities. Directs a professional staff which provides legal advice and assistance on a myriad of business and commercial interests such as fiscal and procurement matters, civilian personnel matters including labor-management relations, issues of equal employment opportunity, actual representation before administrative personnel tribunals, property disposal and transportation matters; fraud, waste and abuse that includes hotline complaints and investigations conducted by the Judge Advocate General officials, NCIS and IG inspectors; ethics and standards of conduct that include annual training and the reviewing of financial disclosure statements; Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Acts and areas of Congressional interest that include legislative and environmental matters. Manages and supervises, through effective performance evaluation, hiring, promotion and disciplinary actions, all Enterprise field offices of counsel and subordinate attorneys therein to ensure adequate and effective command-wide provision of legal services.

For more information contact: (717) 605-1798

NAVSUP Office of Corporate Communications

The NAVSUP Office of Corporate Communications oversees strategic communication efforts across the NAVSUP enterprise. OCC provides direct support to commanding officers and other NAVSUP officials by offering experienced communications advice on information dissemination. Communications personnel manage NAVSUP's Corporate Communications Strategy to ensure communication initiatives support the NAVSUP Strategic Guidance and mission. Identify communication improvements and methods to implement approved objectives. OCC also serves as NAVSUP's Public Affairs Officer. OCC handles the public and internal information matters for both the command and the Navy Supply Corps and publishes a range of professional, technical and informational materials. OCC's professional graphics design staff produces brochures, displays, and other visual products for command initiatives and special events.

For more information contact: (717) 605-5564

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