Naval Logistics Library

NAVSUP - Naval Logistics Library (NLL)

The NLL is the central link in the Navy publications supply chain. The NLL contains Navy publication knowledge management features and provides supply support for Navy publications, instructions, directives, technical manuals, and other digital documents.

Searching for NAVSUP Instructions and Publications

  1. Request the link to the Naval Logistics Library (NLL) website, Request Link
  2. Once you have the URL, proceed to the site.
  3. When prompted, select your non-email certificate.
  4. If, you have a NLL account, Click on NLL Login
  5. Click Accept to the consent banner
  6. Select Navy Publications link or Enter a name within the Keyword search field
  7. Enter the Keyword, Family Number, Title, Pub Number or Stock Number that you are looking for .

Note: If you do not currently have a NLL account, Select: Restricted Access button. Restricted access will allow you to search the NLL for NAVSUP publications and Instructions with a CAC only.

Naval Publications are Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). Publications that are FOUO, security Classification guides and other information with DSC B thru F are not authorized for public release and cannot be placed on a publically accessible website or server.

If you cannot locate a publication, you may need to go to the home page (Request Link), click on "registration", and follow the instructions provided. A SAAR form will be required and you will log in with your CAC card once the account is set up.

If you need additional assistance, we recommend that you contact NLL Customer Service.


NLL Email Address:
Commercial Telephone: 215-697-2626, DSN 442-2626
Toll Free Telephone: 1-866-817-3130

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