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Contracting Services

Contracting Services procure supplies and services for all non-contracting Navy activities that comprise the Navy Field Contracting System (NFCS) for which no other Navy Head of Contracting Activity (HCA) is delegated contracting authority and conduct the periodic oversight of NFCS activities executing NAVSUP HCA delegated contracting authority.

FY17 EOY Navy Message of Expiring Funds

LCE Concept of Operations

The NAVSUP Global Logistics Support (GLS) Lead Contracting Executive (LCE) serves as the lead for contracting support provided by the NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Centers (FLCs) to their Navy and Department of Defense (DoD)/Joint forces customers. The LCE staff consists of one military and five civilians. The overarching vision is for the LCE to manage FLC field contracting operations as one organization with multiple operating locations.

The Contracting Process

The Contracting Process

Contracting Forms and Guides

Contracting Guides
Customer Help Page (Roster of RCP docs) (rev 7-10-2014)

Request for Contractual Procurement
Upward Obligation Worksheet

NAVSUP Funding Document Manager (FDM)$public.access_info?p_resource=FDM (PKI Required)

NAVSUP One Touch Support

Small Business Opportunities

Field Contracting Activities

NAVSUPĀ FLCsĀ are strategically located throughout the United States and overseas.

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