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last updated: August 14, 2019

How To Register your PKI certificate

Register the PKI certificate on your CAC at

  1. Select your current ID certificate when prompted
  2. Click "Continue" on the next page ...
  3. Need more help? Choose Employee or Vendor instructions below.
  4. Employees (civil service, military, contractor, foreign national)
    All employees receive a DoD CAC and *.mil email address.
    PKI certificate (CAC) registration instructions for Employees
  5. Vendors do not have a government work contract nor a *.mil email address
    Vendors sometimes have an IdenTrust or ECA PKI certificate.
    PKI certificate registration instructions for Vendors

If you need to contact a MyNAVSUP helpdesk representative, please provide:

  1.   the URL (page) you are attempting to reach
  2.   a screenshot of your CAC (PKI certificate) selection when prompted
  3.   screenshots of any errors you receive

Top Access Issue:

Error: "unknown CA authority"

Resolution: When promted for a PKI certificate,
    select your DOD ID certificate, not DOD EMAIL certificate.

Note: If you do not see your ID certificate populated in your certificate window, click on the ‘More Choices’ link to display all of your available certificates.

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Missing Root CA certificates

Error: 'There is a problem with this website's security certificate'

Resolution: Root Certificate Authority certificates need to be installed: Public DoD Cyber Exchange site: Getting Started PKI/PKE

  1. Click on the ‘Windows’ (or your operating system).
  2. Step 3 provides guidance on how to install the DoD Root Certificate by using an InstallRoot Setup Wizard.
  3. Click on the Non-Administrator link to download and then run the InstallRoot utility.
  4. Then close and re-start your browser.
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Training (registered CAC required)

  1. DoN Consolidated Card Program Management Division (CCPMD) training
    Contact the DON CCPMD Help Desk by email at
  2. MyNAVSUP mandatory training - Click here for secure link
    1. Missing training records
          If you have no completed training records in MyNAVSUP Training, you probably completed it on another site (TWMS, NETC, etc.). These sites do not automatically
          transfer your records to MyNAVSUP training. It's very easy to mark training as complete on NAVSUP Training. Just click on the course name,
          scroll down on the instructions page and follow the directions.
          REQUIRED: you must be able to provide a course certificate from the course site location (TWMS, NETC, JKO) before you mark it as complete.
    2. Missing CCPMD training
          Government Credit Card training is not on MyNAVSUP Training. Click here for secure CCPMD training link
          Please contact your APC or DON CCPMD at for any missing CCPMD training records.
  3. NAVSUP mandatory training course issues
    1. Trouble with courses on NETC / Navy e-Learning
          Email: SPAWAR NEL Helpdesk
          NAVY 311 Toll Free: 1-855-628-9311     DSN: 510-628-9311
          Link to submit a Problem Report
    2. Trouble with courses on TWMS
          Email: NMCI users can contact TWMS at:
          CNIC Support Center at 1-888-264-4255, Option 3, then Option 1 for TWMS training issues
          OCONUS or Afloat users can contact the CNIC Support Center or
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