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Flash from the Chief

Ethics Sentinels

The readiness and lethality of our Navy is bolstered by the high standards of ethics and integrity that you exhibit each and every day. Those standards are the foundation on which the trust of the nation rests, and as such must be constantly visible. Since the change of command, I continue to personally observe that our behavior, as a Supply Community, personifies these high standards and I am confident we are meeting today's challenges in this demanding operational environment and doing so in a manner in which we should all be proud.

Below is SECDEF's signed memo on ethics - "Ethics Sentinels" as well as last year's ethical standards memo. Please review with your teams and reiterate the importance of ethics and integrity in everything we do. Encourage our Sailors and civilian teammates to always remember the privilege each of us shares in serving our Nation and embrace the Secretary's concept of 'playing the ethical midfield.' As the memo calls out, ethics transcends our three lines of effort - and overlays our entire national defense strategy. The personal example you set in how we accomplish the mission is critical, and I am proud to share in this effort with each of you.