Navy Household Goods

Welcome to the Official Navy Household Goods website. Information contained on this website is Navy specific entitlements, however, the basic move process applies to all DoD services.

Family moving into navy housing.

The underlined blue words will contain a hyperlink to one of our guides and/or additional information.
1.  Obtain a Defense Personal Property System (DPS)
User ID and Password from Electronic Transportation Acquisition (ETA)
2.  Check
compatibility of your web browser/Turn off popup blockers.  Click on the blinking sentence.
Log into DPS and click on Branch of Service Acknowledgement.
4.  Self-Counseling is completed online using DPS.  The following “how to guides”, with DPS screen shots, are available on this
customer website:
     • Steps for creating your
profile and entering orders information.
     • Steps for creating a
basic Household Goods (HHG) shipment (where a carrier packs, loads, transports & delivers your goods)
     • Steps for creating a
Personally Procured Move (PPM) (you pack and move yourself) and on this page is all the
     • Steps for creating a
Non-Temporary Storage shipment (NTS) - long term storage
    • Steps for requesting a
NTS Release (when you are ready for items to be released from storage)
5.  Provide supporting documents for ALL shipments to the local Personal Property Office.  Example of required documents are: 
     • Personally Procured move (PPM) you will need to submit orders.
     • For all other move types, including a Basic HHG (Government) shipment, Non-Temporary Storage (NTS) shipment, Unaccompanied Baggage (UB) Shipment, or NTS Release Shipment, you will need to provide
     • DD 1299, Application For Shipment and/or Storage of Personal Property, (complete blocks 15a and b),
         o DD 1797, Personal Property Counseling Checklist, (complete blocks 9c and d)
         o copy of orders
    • Power of Attorney if service member not available
    • Forms can be printed after all information has been entered in DPS.
6.  After all information has been entered in DPS and you have SUBMITTED the application, you will receive an email confirmation. 
Track shipment
8.  Arrange delivery
9.  Claim information, if needed.
10.  Complete Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS):  The CSS is an integral part of the entire move process and ensures only quality movers do business with the government.  You will receive email instructions for completing the CSS from DPS after delivery of your shipment.