NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support (NAVSUP WSS)

Our Mission

The Mission of NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support (NAVSUP WSS) (formerly known as Naval Inventory Control Point (NAVICP) is to provide Navy, Marine Corps, Joint and Allied Forces program and supply support for the weapon systems that keep our Naval forces MISSION READY. This mission is carried out by a single command organization operating in Mechanicsburg, Pa, Norfolk, VA and Philadelphia, PA.


Image of WSS MapOn 1 October 2014, the Transportation and Distribution (T&D) department of NAVSUP Global Logistics Support (NAVSUP GLS) realigned to become part of NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support (NAVSUP WSS). As a result of the realignment, Transportation and Distribution reports directly to the organization that manages the Navy's supply chain, NAVSUP WSS, as a stand-alone NAVSUP WSS Directorate (Code N3) located in Norfolk, Va. Transportation and Distribution is responsible for the efficient, cost effective, and safe movement of personnel and cargo. The realignment evolved out of a joint NAVSUP GLS, NAVSUP WSS, and Naval Supply Systems Command headquarters Continuous Performance Improvement project to enable NAVSUP WSS to make more efficient transportation decisions while improving customer wait time and Fleet readiness.

On July 1, 2011, Naval Inventory Control Point's name changed to NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support as a result of a Naval Supply Systems Command One NAVSUP, Enterprise-wide branding initiative where each NAVSUP activity supports the "Global Logistics Support Network" as a node in the network vice as an individual entity. No organization structural changes were made.


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