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Welcome Aboard to NAVSUP WSS Mechanicsburg

1. Location

WSS-M is located in Buildings 311, 312 and 410 onboard Naval Support Activity Mechanicsburg (NSA-M). The installation lies south of the Carlisle Pike/PA-581 interchange and is accessed only by the North Gate. Using GPS, the best address to map to the gate entrance is:

5450 Carlisle Pike
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

From Carlisle Pike (US-11), turn south at the light on Gateway Drive/PA-581 Access Rd. and follow the road down to the gate. At the gate it becomes G-Street; follow down to 3rd Ave and make the left. The WSS Quarterdeck is in Building 311, which will be on your right. Parking is open on NSA Mechanicsburg with a few exceptions; you may park in any unmarked space.

2. Accommodations

Here is the tenant map of NSA-M.


The installation offers:

  •  Child Development Center
  •  Appy’s Cafe
  •  MWR Fitness Center
  •  MWR Outdoor Recreation
  •  MWR Auto Skills Shop
  •  Pass & ID
  •  Mini Navy Exchange (Mini-NEX)
  •  Barber
  •  Tennis Courts, Outdoor Track, Recreational Field
  •  Housing

It is important to note what is not available at NSA-M:

  •  Temporary Lodging
  •  Medical & Dental Facilities
  •  Schools
  •  Commissary and Exchange

A Child Development Center (CDC) is on the Northwest side of the base at the intersection of C St and 0 Ave. Contact information is provided in the link below:

Child Development Centers (

Temporary lodging expense (TLE) can be utilized at a local hotel. Remember, TLE covers up to 10 days and can only be used once per PCS. For instance, if you have used four days leaving your previous command, you only have six days left. More information is available from the following links:

3. Housing & Schooling

The housing community is managed by Lincoln Military Housing, which can be reached at the link below.

Because the on-base community only has about 30 units, most personnel at WSS-M live in the surrounding communities. Whether you desire to rent or buy, there are many resources that can help you find a sizable home, in a quality school district at a reasonable price.

Schools in Cumberland County are generally above-average. Most personnel at WSS-M live in the West Shore, East Pennsboro, Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Valley, or Carlisle School Districts. Many real estate apps have built in filter that shows the average rating of nearby schools taking into account reading and math scores.
Another source in determining school ratings are as follow:

The following table is a list of typical communities, and their corresponding commute. Basic allowance for Housing (BAH) rate will be based on NSA-M zip code, 17050 regardless of your home location. The link following the table is the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) BAH calculator.

Community Commute (min)
Hampden Township 10
Silver Spring Township 10
Camp Hill 15
New Cumberland 15
Mechanicsburg 15
Enola 20
Carlisle 25
Harrisburg 30

Finding a place to rent within your BAH limit is possible but you will quickly see through your searches that a little extra money, or additional commute will yield an increase in home quality. This is where mortgaging a home becomes appealing. Mortgage rates through the VA have shown to be much lower, in the band of BAH than renting in some cases. Look at all options early on and reach out to currently stationed personnel for more clarity as this is the most challenging portion of a PCS move. Remember, if you rent, don’t forget to place a military clause in your lease!

4. Medical Support

Routine medical for personnel at NSA Mechanicsburg is supported by the Dunham Army Clinic at Carlisle Barracks, located about 20 minutes from NSA Mechanicsburg.
Some medical services will be referred out to Walter Reed Military Medical center in Bethesda, Maryland.

Dunham Army Clinic
Walter Reed Military Medical

5. Dental Support

For Service Members:
Dental care is provided by the dental clinic at Carlisle Barracks, co-located with the medical clinic.

Carlisle Barracks Dental Clinic

For Family Members:
If you need to enroll your family members in the Tricare Dental Program, visit the “Enroll” section at the following link:

TRICARE Dental Program Online | TRICARE Insurance Plans (

Unlike the active duty service member, they do not need an appointment control number prior to appointments. If you are signing up a family member for the first time, call:

Active Duty Family Members,
(844) 653-4061

A great source to check your individual medical readiness status is at BUPERS Online under Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) Status link.
To set up you and your family's Primary Care Physician, please visit the following link and select Manage Health Benefit:

milConnect (

6. Uniforms (Officers)

Navy Uniforms | Shop Your Navy Exchange - Official Site (

The installation NEX carries minimum inventory of uniform items. NWU and Service Khaki are stocked in a limited range of sizes and most insignia is available. If you have not already done so, be sure to have both NWU Type III flag patches.

7. Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Detail

Although your current command will be providing the details in how to conduct your PCS move, NAVSUP WSS has a portal you can reference as well to make sure you hit all the marks.

Household Goods Home (

8. Reporting Aboard

The final stretch to your PCS is walking into the command. Having your personal affairs settled and family situated, you should feel confident to have all your information and documentation ready to go for the check-in process. Instructions on how to update your Record of Emergency Data (PG2) and retrieve it from the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) is as follows:

You will also want to update Navy Family Accountability & Assessment System (NFAAS):

Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS)

Have all of the following ready to go on your first day to make it a success:

  •  Stamped PCS Orders
  •  Travel Receipts (Hotel, Gas, Temporary lodging, Food)
  •  Record of Emergency Data, Dependency Application (RED/DA) from previous duty station
  •  Record of Emergency Data, Dependency Application (RED/DA) from previous duty station

When driving onto the base, remember to observe all Department of Defense (DoD) safety laws. It is understandable that your previous assignment may have not been onboard a DoD facility and traffic laws change from state to state as well as country to country. Please refresh yourself with traffic safety laws provided in the following link:

Traffic Safety (

You will be provided a folder containing a check-in sheet, travel voucher, and other pertinent information about the command which will help you along in acclimating to the command.

Be sure to bring your current printed copy of your RED/DA, formerly referred to as your “Page 2.” Once you are fully gained by PSD, then you will need to update your RED/DA to your new local housing information for dependents. Directions on how to retrieve and update your RED/DA from the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) is provided below:

Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS)

9. Go to Work

Your sponsor will be coordinating where you will be working as you are coming aboard. Your desk and phone will be setup for you prior to checking in. However, the first hurdle to overcome is setting up your email. Because this is a detailed process, submitting a system authorization access request navy (SAAR-N) form early on is important. Make sure you have a common access card (CAC) reader to be able to sign the form and submit to your sponsor, who will be your acting supervisor. You may also require access to numerous other databases. Depending on where you are assigned, your sponsor should provide you with all the directions and points of contact (POC) to properly submit the corresponding SAAR-N forms. A blank Template is provided below.

Once you are at your desk, the following guides will help you setup your phone system and teleworking capabilities.

Surely not the last thing you will need to do as you transition into WSS, but we have a well-equipped printing office that can handle your requirements to make you more effective at the job. Here are your business card templates just to get you started:

10. Command Socials (Officers)

WSS's influence spans across multiple echelons, Systems Commands (SYSCOM), Type Commanders (TYCOM) and other commands and facilities. You will quickly notice the heightened throughput of distinguished visitors (DV) and groups throughout the workweek. Reoccurring, command driven social events help consolidate the efforts. WSS hosts a weekly Coffee Talk on Friday mornings, in the Wardroom in BLDG 311.

Here, you will get the opportunity to socialize with other wardroom members as well as neighboring command wardroom members and DVs. Other events like, “Hail & Farwell,” and “Wetting Down” occur as appropriate along with other team building events outside the workspace.


Mechanicsburg also has a robust Supply Corps Foundation Chapter

11. Support and Outreach

Your sponsor should be in contact with you for the duration of our PCS. However, please don't hesitate to reach out to the command directly as needed:


Sponsorship Coordinator:

LSSCS Frederick Lodonou
(717) 605-3078
Military Personnel Office:
Ms. Cindi Reese
(717) 605-1700

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