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Welcome Aboard to NAVSUP WSS Philadelphia


First and foremost, congratulations on your orders to NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support - Philadelphia! First order of business is to send the command a letter of introduction. This is a one-page formal letter from you providing a quick summary of yourself and when you expect to arrive. A template is provided below.

Letter of Introduction Template

For an overview on the command, biographies, mission and history, please visit the official NAVSUP WSS Page.

Weapon Systems Support (WSS) as a whole, is divided into N-codes instead of your typical departmental structure. While some N-codes are supported operations, the supporting N-codes span between sites Mechanicsburg (WSS-M), and Philadelphia (WSS-P). The table below breaks down this organization:

N-Code Description WSS-M WSS-P
N2 Engineering and Product Support X X
N4 Fleet Outfitting, Planning & Support X X
N6 Supply Chain Operations Research & System Support X X
N7 Contracting X X
N8 Comptroller X X
N94 Nuclear Reactors & Supply Chain Management X  
N96 Surface Operations X  
N97 Submarine & Carrier Operations X  
N98 Aviation Operations   X

Each N-code is further broken down into “divisions” and other support branches. For instance, the N9 codes are made up of Integrated Weapon Support Teams or 'IWSTs' under each type, model or series (TMS). As personnel rotate in and out of both site commands, continuity is maintained by managing personnel shifts within each command usually during your mid-tour. Therefore, your initial N-code assignment will be determined upon entry.

1. Location

WSS-P is located in Buildings 1, 2 and 4 onboard Naval Support Activity Philadelphia (NSA-P). The installation lies directly south of the Crescentville neighborhood and is accessed only at the intersection of Oxford Avenue and Martins Mill Road. Using GPS, the best address to map to the gate entrance is:

6300 Oxford Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19111

This is a business at the intersection. Use the following illustration to adjust your directions as needed:

Once you proceed through the Oxford Avenue and Martin Mill Rd intersection, you enter Foster Avenue and will stop prior to the gate. The security guard will signal you to approach the guard shack where you will present the front, then back of your military identification card (ID). The security guard will scan the bar code then authorize you to proceed. You will take a right turn at the first intersection and park in any open parking space. Until your ID has been setup to access the buildings, you can only enter at the rear command entrance.

2. Accommodations

Here is the tenant map of NSA-P.

The installation offers:

  •  Child Development Center
  •  Credit Union
  •  Yelee Deli
  •  Subway
  •  MWR Fitness Center
  •  Pass & ID
  •  Mini Navy Exchange (Mini-NEX)
  •  Barber
  •  Tailor Shop
  •  Armed Forces Recruiting
  •  Sea Cadets
  •  Baseball Fields

It is important to note what is not available at NSA-P:

  •  Housing
  •  Temporary Lodging
  •  Medical & Dental Facilities
  •  Schools

A Child Development Center (CDC) is directly adjacent on the northwest side of Building 1. Contact information is provided in the link below:

Child Development Centers (

Temporary lodging expense (TLE) can be utilized at either JBMDL or in a local hotel closer to NSA-P. Remember, TLE covers up to 10 days and can only be used once per PCS. For instance, if you have used four days leaving your previous command, you only have six days left. More information is available from the following links:

3. Housing & Schooling

The following are links to the two housing communities followed by a link to schooling information that support JBMDL:

Because this commute is rather cumbersome, most personnel at WSS-P enroll themselves into TRICARE remote, and live in the surrounding communities. The housing market is very expensive on the Pennsylvania side but slightly cheaper in New Jersey. While you can enroll into the housing waiting list at JBMDL, it is completely achievable to find a home in the surrounding communities. Whether you desire to rent or buy, there are many resources that can help you find a sizable home, in a prominent school zone at a reasonable price.

Many real estate apps have built in filter that shows the average rating of nearby schools taking into account reading and math scores. Another source in determining school ratings are as follow:

The following table is a list of typical communities, and their corresponding commute. Basic allowance for Housing (BAH) rate will be based on NSA-P zip code, 19111 regardless of your home location. The link following the table is the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) BAH calculator.

Community Commute (min)
Oreland 21
Abington 20
Lansdale 38
Newtown 40
Southampton 27
Horsham 31
Jenkintown 14
Norristown 42
Philadelphia Proper 24

Finding a place to rent within your BAH limit is possible but you will quickly see through your searches that a little extra money, or additional commute will yield an increase in home quality. This is where mortgaging a home becomes appealing. Mortgage rates through the VA have shown to be much lower, in the band of BAH than renting in some cases. Look at all options early on and reach out to currently stationed personnel for more clarity as this is the most challenging portion of a PCS move. Remember, if you rent, don’t forget to place a military clause in your lease!

Military Clause

Further information for schooling is provided by the NSA-P School Liaison Officer (SLO) supporting Philadelphia and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. The SLO serves as the primary point of contact between parents, your installation, and the local school communities. Regardless of the location you decide to reside, the SLO’s focus is to help you make informed decisions for the best educational fit for your child, as well as educate local school and community organizations on the unique challenges our military families experience.

The SLO can assist with the following 'Seven Core' areas:

  •  School Transition Services (PCS Cycle)
  •  Deployment Support
  •  Post-secondary Preparation
  •  Partnerships in Education
  •  Homeschool Linkage & Support
  •  Special Education Systems Navigation
  •  Installation, School & Community Communications

Visit my website to learn more:

4. Medical Support

While JBMDL and NWSE support NSA-P in regards to medical readiness for the service member and dependents, you may be afforded to the opportunity to enroll in TRICARE Prime Remote (TPR) depending on your housing location. In the case where you live north or west of Philadelphia, you will be offered this alternative.

The first step to enroll in TPR is to call 1-800-444-5445. When you are prompted, navigate to eligibility. Once you are on the line with an operator, ask to be enrolled in TPR. When approved, you will provided with Primary Care Manager (PCM) options in your local area for yourself and family members. They can also be changed at the following link under Health benefits:

milConnect (

Some of the Philadelphia area zip codes are not automatically eligible. If you receive some pushback, try submitting a waiver at the following link:

TRICARE Prime Remote Determination of Eligibility Request | TRICARE

The nearest military treatment facility (MTF) is at Patterson Army Community Hospital, Stephenson St. Fort Monmouth, NJ 07703. For the reason you are requesting the waiver, select the geographic barriers or other unique situations exist option. In the comments, state that the drive time to the nearest MTF is at least 90 minutes. For the command information, please contact your sponsor for the following information as it changes:

Unit Commander/designee 700 Robbins Ave, Philadelphia, PA, 19111-5098 Email Phone Number

After submission, you will receive a confirmation e-mail followed by a waiver confirmation in about seven business days.

5. Dental Support

You must be approved for TPR before you can get Tricare Dental Remote (TDR). The TDR process updates automatically through DEERs after TPR approval. You must go through the TDR United Concordia (UC) website below and select an approved dentist.

For active duty members:

The Active Duty Dental Program - United Concordia (

Service members are managed by the Active Duty Dental Program (ADDP) through United Concordia. Only service members must receive an Appointment Control Number (ACN) for every appointment or the member will have to pay for the costs. The request for mis provided at the following link:

Request Appointment Control Number (

Please ensure your dentist includes a readiness category (CAT 1 through CAT 4) on their report to Tricare and complete the DD 2813 including readiness category to our Philadelphia Navy Yard point of contact to ensure you are updated in the Medical Readiness Reporting System (MRRS):

Stephen Kovacs Philadelphia Naval Yard POC (215) 897-8147

Routine appointments must be restricted to services covered under the Tricare definition of routine services and be under $750. Anything outside of those limits requires the dentist to submit an Authorization Request Form to United Concordia for approval. You can download a copy at the following link:

For family members:

If you need to enroll your family members in the Tricare Dental Program, visit the “Enroll” section at the following link:

TRICARE Dental Program Online | TRICARE Insurance Plans (

Unlike the active duty service member, they do not need an appointment control number prior to appointments. If you are signing up a family member for the first time, call:

Active Duty Family Members, (844) 653-4061

A great source to check your individual medical readiness status is at BUPERS Online under Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) Status link. While you are attached to WSS-P, anything that is reflected on your medical readiness status needs to be updated/addressed through the Philadelphia Navy Yard POC.

To set up you and your family's Primary Care Physician, please visitthe following link and select Manage Health Benefit:

milConnect (

For eye and dental examinations, utilize TPR or the NSWE clinic:

Naval Weapons Station Earle 201 NJ-34 Colts Neck, NJ 07722 (732) 866-2300

6. Uniforms (Officers)

Because NAVSUP WSS Philadelphia is aviation oriented, officers are prescribed to wear brown leather and coyote colors in regards to footwear and undershirts. Please plan ahead in ordering and shipping these items, to include:

  •  Brown leather shoes
  •  Khaki socks
  •  Coyote boots
  •  Coyote undershirts

Navy Uniforms | Shop Your Navy Exchange - Official Site (

It is worth to note that the NEX mobile app version does not show when an article is in backorder. You must use the desktop version. The installation NEX carries minimum inventory of uniform items. While they do not carry actual shirts and pants, they do carry some patches, ranks, and warfare devices. If you have not already done so, be sure to have both NWU Type III flag patches. Lastly, if you have earned an aviation warfare device, it is prescribed to be in the primary position on your uniforms as NAVSUP WSS Aviation is considered an aviation command.

7. Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Detail

Although your current command will be providing the details in how to conduct your PCS move, NAVSUP WSS has a portal you can reference as well to make sure you hit all the marks.

Household Goods Home (

8. Reporting Aboard

The final stretch to your PCS is walking into the command. Having your personal affairs settled and family situated, you should feel confident to have all your information and documentation ready to go for the check-in process. Instructions on how to update your Record of Emergency Data (PG2) and retrieve it from the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) is as follows:

You will also want to update Navy Family Accountability & Assessment System (NFAAS):

Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS)

Have all of the following ready to go on your first day to make it a success:

  •  Stamped PCS Orders
  •  Travel Receipts (Hotel, Gas, Temporary lodging, Food)
  •  Record of Emergency Data, Dependency Application (RED/DA) from previous duty station

When driving onto the base, remember to observe all Department of Defense (DoD) safety laws. It is understandable that your previous assignment may have not been onboard a DoD facility and traffic laws change from state to state as well as country to country. Please refresh yourself with traffic safety laws provided in the following link:

Traffic Safety (

You must enter at the rear command entrance as illustrated on the map above. Security will verify your identity and allow you access into the building. From the entrance, you will proceed straight to the check-in office on the same floor.

You will be provided a folder containing a check-in sheet, travel voucher, and other pertinent information about the command which will help you along in acclimating to the command.

Be sure to bring your current printed copy of your RED/DA, formerly referred to as your “Page 2.” Once you are fully gained by PSD, then you will need to update your RED/DA to your new local housing information for dependents. Directions on how to retrieve and update your RED/DA from the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) is provided below:

Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS)

9. Go to Work

Your sponsor will be coordinating where you will be working as you are coming aboard. Your desk and phone will be setup for you prior to checking in. However, the first hurdle to overcome is setting up your email. Because this is a detailed process, submitting a system authorization access request navy (SAAR-N) form early on is important. Make sure you have a common access card (CAC) reader to be able to sign the form and submit to your sponsor, who will be your acting supervisor. You may also require access to numerous other databases. Depending on where you are assigned, your sponsor should provide you with all the directions and points of contact (POC) to properly submit the corresponding SAAR-N forms. A blank Template is provided below.

Once you are at your desk, the following guides will help you setup your phone system and teleworking capabilities.

Surely not the last thing you will need to do as you transition into WSS, but we have a well-equipped printing office that can handle your requirements to make you more effective at the job. Here are your business card templates just to get you started:

10. Command Socials (Officers)

WSS's influence spans across multiple echelons, Systems Commands (SYSCOM), Type Commanders (TYCOM) and other commands and facilities. You will quickly notice the heightened throughput of distinguished visitors (DV) and groups throughout the workweek. Reoccurring, command driven social events help consolidate the efforts. WSS hosts two weekly social events:

  •  Thursday evening Happy Hour
  •  Friday morning Donuts

Here, you will get the opportunity to socialize with other wardroom members as well as neighboring command wardroom members and DVs. Other events like, “Hail & Farwell,” and “Wetting Down” occur as appropriate along with other team building events outside the workspace. For these events, it’s great to show your support with a command polo shirt and your own customized wardroom mug.

11. Support and Outreach

Your sponsor should be in contact with you for the duration of our PCS. However, please don't hesitate to reach out to the command directly as needed:

Officer Admittance (GATEKEEPER):

CDR Mabi Morgan (215) 697-3769

Sponsorship Coordinator:

ABECS (SW) Juan R. Pantoja (215) 697-1309

Military Personnel Office:

Ms. Johnnita Richards-Redd (215) 697-4252

The following links are the main social media sites you can join to get more information and network:

Navy Supply Corps Foundation Philadelphia Chapter:

Philadelphia Area Chapter (

Follow us on Facebook:

 NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support | Facebook

Philly Fun Bunch:

 Philadelphia Military Spouses Group (Philly Fun Bunch) | Facebook

NSA-P Reference Guide

Phone Directory (

NSA-P MWR Tickets & Travel

Philadelphia (

Acquaint yourself and your family and friends with all the ins and outs of Philadelphia. You can easily access "Discover Philadelphia" through there browser or via mobile.

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