The MyNAVSUP portal is intended for NAVSUP access-restricted (non-public) sites and content only. Any user that has an official DoD PKI certificate (Civilian, Contractor, Joint Partner, Vendor) and is registered in the NAVSUP master directory is eligible for access to MyNAVSUP. Once on the "inside" sites and content will be access-controlled on a site-per-site basis. Baseline access to MyNAVSUP will provision users to content groups such as OneSupply, the NAVSUP ERP Extranet, NAVSUP Training, etc. Access to other sites within MyNAVSUP portal will be controlled by the site owners.

Access to MyNAVSUP Secure Intranet Requires a CAC/PKI

Register your CAC/PKI the first time you access the site. This process registers your PKI with the NAVSUP organization and provides preliminary access to MyNAVSUP.

Don't have a PKI?

All DoD Civilians, Military, Contractors, and Foreign National (FN) employees receive a PKI certificate on issuance of their Common Access Card (CAC). Also, companies who align with the Federal Bridge Certificate Authority (FBCA) program issue their employees DoD compliant certificates (X.509). Both of these groups can simply register their PKI certificate with NAVSUP to get started.

All others must obtain a DoD PKI certificate via an approved External Certificate Authority (ECA). Contractors or vendors not working at a DoD facility can obtain a certificate from one of the authorized External Certification Authorities listed below:

  1. Operational Research Consultants (ORC)
  2. IdenTrust
Learn more about the ECA program.

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