3 Tips for Upcoming Household Goods Moves

17 April 2023

From Naval Supply Systems Command Public Affairs

Mechanicsburg, Pa - Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Navy Household Goods Program (HHG) experts say there are three things service members can do this upcoming peak moving season to make the process easier: get educated; start early; and be flexible.

“Get educated,” advises NAVSUP Director of Navy HHG Program Jay Yerkey. “It’s never too early to get educated. Attend HHG Webinars, familiarize yourself with Military One Source and Navy Customer websites to help identify your responsibilities and the Transportation Service Provider (TSP)/Agent responsibilities for your HHG move.” Go to and to start learning.

“Start early. Submit your HHG application as soon as you get your orders,” Yerkey said. “The average lead time for processing move applications during Peak Season months can be up to six weeks in some markets.”

Members can start the move process by going to and reviewing the various Defense Personal Property System (DPS) guides along with basic entitlement information.

Create an application by logging into DPS at There, members can reactivate a previous DPS account or create a new one. When the application is completed, members should print, sign and upload all required signed documents, such as Power-of-Attorney, for example. Including all required documentation is vital as it will expedite the approval process; applicants cannot be processed without all required signed documents and orders.

After submitting an application to the Personal Property Processing Office (PPPO), service members can check the status of their application. When processed, members will receive an automated email indicating their HHG shipment has been assigned to a moving company and that pack-out and pick-up dates are assigned.

“If, after 10 days from submitting shipment application to the PPPO, a member has not received a response of notification that their application is being processed, it is important they contact the PPPO,” Yerkey said.

Be flexible. Members should be flexible as adjustments to requested pick-up dates may occur.

“Customers have to provide a 7-day spread for pick-up dates, but also need to leave flexibility for any emergencies that may arise during their PCS or Permanent Change of Station,” Yerkey said. “If a government moving company is unavailable to meet requirements by a certain date, members may need to conduct an approved Personally Procured Move (PPM).”

Members should be aware that if the moving company fails to pick up their household goods on the confirmed date, they could be entitled to an Inconvenience Claim (IC) to offset out-of-pocket expenses incurred. While members should start by communicating with their moving company, the PPPO is available should assistance be needed or further questions come up.

Due to the risk of delays and other unforeseen circumstances, members should avoid submitting notice to vacate or selling their residence prior to their shipment being accepted by a moving company. Additionally, members should avoid terminating rental/lease agreements until firm pack-out and pick-up dates have been confirmed by their assigned moving company.

If a request date cannot be met and a service member is unavailable, members may also designate a releasing agent (such as a spouse, mother, father, sister, e.g.). The releasing agent can act on behalf of the member, be available for the pack-out and pick-up dates and sign all required documents. The legal office is not needed to designate a releasing agent. A signed note stating the intended designation will suffice. For example: “I appoint (name of individual), (phone number) (email) my attorney-in-fact to sign all documents required for the pack-out and pick up of my Personal Property Shipment.” Stating the name and contact information (phone and email) of the releasing agent is sufficient for documentation.

Additional questions may be submitted via email to or by calling 1-855-HHG-MOVE (1-855-444-6683). For your convenience, Navy Household Goods can also be found on Facebook at WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/NAVYHHG; on YouTube at WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/NAVYHHG; and Pinterest at: WWW.PINTEREST.COM/NAVYHHG.

NAVSUP is headquartered in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and employs a diverse, worldwide workforce of more than 22,500 military and civilian personnel. NAVSUP and the Navy Supply Corps conduct and enable supply chain, acquisition, operational logistics and Sailor & family care activities with our mission partners to generate readiness and sustain naval forces worldwide to prevent and decisively win wars. Learn more at, and

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