Office of Inspector General (SUP OIG)

Our mission is to inspect, investigate, or inquire into any and all matters of importance to the NAVSUP Enterprise.

Our vision is to be viewed as 'the conscience of the Enterprise' - making a difference, adding value at ALL levels through proactive assistance, advice, and advocacy.

Our guiding principle is to support the NAVSUP Commander in maintaining the highest level of integrity and public confidence.

  • Provide candid, objective, and uninhibited internal analysis and advice.
  • Emphasize integrity, ethics, efficiency, and discipline.
  • Perform with the highest standards of ethical leadership.
  • Be an advocate for NAVSUP Sailors, Marines, civilian employees, and their families.
  • Always exercise fairness, impartiality, thoroughness and timeliness in accomplishing our mission.

The Inspector General's office performs several functions to ensure that NAVSUP's mission is being accomplished effectively, efficiently and in compliance with the Strategic Plan and applicable rules and regulations. The IG provides the Commander with independent and objective analysis of claimancy operations and other issues of concern. The IG staff accomplishes this through periodic site visits to assess field activities, by providing employees with an avenue to submit their concerns, and by conducting special investigations as tasked by the Commander. The NAVSUP IG, like other Echelon 2 IGs, also has an additional duty (ADDU) relationship with the Naval Inspector General.

Key functions of the NAVSUP IG office include:

Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline Program

The Hotline Program is designed to eliminate and prevent fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement by identifying problems, determining responsibility, recommending solutions, and promoting accountability. To be effective, the program requires all personnel to be vigilant against the possibility of illegal or improper acts, and to report to the chain of command, an IG, or an IG's representative, such as a lower echelon activity's Command Inspector General (CIG), any improprieties in this regard. The hotline is a means by which anyone - whether a NAVSUP employee, contractor, family member, or member of the general public - can report instances of Fraud, to include Contracting and Procurement Fraud; Waste; Abuse of Authority; Gross Mismanagement; Military Whistleblower Reprisal; and Improper Mental Health Referrals.

Callers may opt to remain anonymous or request to be a confidential complainant. For complainants who file anonymously, the IG staff will not be able to contact you to request additional information to aid in the IG’s decision to launch an investigation. If an investigation is launched, anonymous complainants cannot be provided results of that investigation or actions taken. For complainants who request confidentiality, we take precautions to protect your identity from unauthorized disclosure during the course of the investigation. However, IGs cannot guarantee absolute confidentiality as disclosure may be required during the investigation process or in the course of corrective action.

The NAVSUP IG staff conducts independent investigations into alleged misconduct and, if substantiated, recommends corrective actions to cognizant officials. Below are the following ways to submit a hotline complaint:

E-mail Complaint (Recommended):

Website Online Form:$mailer.hotline_form

Fax Complaint: (717) 605-2410

Telephone Hotline: 1-800-944-8630, toll free

Japan: 1-800-538-9720, toll free

U.S. Mail:
Naval Supply Systems Command
Attn: NAVSUP Inspector General (Eyes Only)
5450 Carlisle Pike, Suite 214-100
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050-2411

Building 214, Suite 100
NSA Mechanicsburg

Please be advised that telephoned complaints are not the IG's preferred method of hotline complaint intake as callers, particularly anonymous callers, often neglect to supply necessary information to allow the proper course of action to be taken.

What Issues Should Be Reported to the Hotline?

Not all issues reported to the hotline are considered appropriate for investigation by Inspector General Doctrine, as some issues have other, more appropriate and/or established means of redress. However, the below list is provided as a guideline of issues that should be reported to the NAVSUP Hotline.

  • Violations of law, rule, or regulation
  • Substantial and specific danger to public health or safety
  • Contract and procurement irregularities:
  • Cost/labor mischarging
  • Defective pricing
  • Defective parts
  • Bid rigging
  • Product substitution
  • Bribery and acceptance of gratuities
  • Significant cases of mismanagement
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Travel (TDY/TAD) fraud
  • Abuse of authority
  • Theft and abuse of Government property
  • Military Reprisal (Violations of the Whistleblower Protection Act involving service members)
  • Violations of the Whistleblower Protection Act involving Defense contractor employees and non-appropriated fund employees
  • Improper referrals of military personnel for mental health evaluations
  • Gross waste of funds

If you have a complaint that references overpricing of spare parts, those complaints should be submitted to the Price Challenge Hotline at:$pch.pch_form, or via email at: or via telephone at Toll Free 1-800-NAV-CHAL / DSN: 646-2031 or 646-2006.

DOD appropriated fund employees come under the jurisdiction of the Office of Special Counsel for investigations of violations of the Whistleblower Protection Act.

EEO and sexual harassment complaints should be reported to your command EEO representative, Human Resource Office, or Command Managed Equal Employment Opportunity Officer (CMEEOO).

We recommend that you read the following information about what to include in your complaint and consult the Navy Inspector General’s website before you submit your Hotline complaint.

When calling or sending in a complaint, please be as specific as possible. Your complaint should provide:

  • service member's or employee's full name that is allegedly committing the wrongdoing (subject)
  • subject's rank or pay grade
  • subject's duty station
  • specifically what the wrongdoing the subject is engaged in
  • specific dates and times of the wrongdoing
  • specific location where the wrongdoing occurred
  • how the subject completed the alleged wrongdoing
  • witnesses to the wrongdoing
  • why the subject committed the wrongdoing
  • why you believe the alleged activity constituted misconduct
  • what law, rule, regulation, instruction, or policy was broken or violated
  • what you would like the IG to do about the matter
  • Your name and contact information (if you wish to be a known or confidential complainant)

We encourage you to submit your allegation(s) in writing by e-mail, fax, letter, or using the on-line website complaint form. Our experience has shown that written complaints are more organized, provide more details, and are less emotional.

We will evaluate your complaint and request more information, if necessary. Keep in mind, if we conduct an investigation, you will be interviewed and you will be able to provide additional information and documents at that time.

We encourage you to register complaints and grievances through appropriate management administrative grievance channels and, if appropriate, through union grievance channels. We also encourage you to submit suggestions for management improvements through your chain of command, or the appropriate DON or DoD Incentive Awards Program. Personnel matters involving requests for individual relief should be handled through the appropriate grievance channels.

Command Inspection Program

On behalf of the NAVSUP Commander, the IG staff, augmented by NAVSUP Enterprise subject matter experts, conducts periodic visits to each field activity to ensure compliance, readiness, and effectiveness of operational and administrative programs. Inspections identify programs that may need additional staff support to address areas of improvement, but also focus on best operational and administrative practices to be implemented throughout the NAVSUP Enterprise. Inspection teams also provide assistance and training on site as required.

Command Audit Liaison Program

The Assistant Inspector General for External Audits serves as the NAVSUP liaison to organizations that conduct audits, inspections or assessments involving any portion of the NAVSUP Enterprise, and is responsible for managing all NAVSUP Enterprise external audits originating from the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the Department of Defense Inspector General (DoDIG), and the Naval Audit Service (NAVAUDSVC). The Assistant Inspector General for External Audits advises NAVSUP senior leadership, ACOMs, and Enterprise activities on audit announcement, audit issues, draft audit reports, command comments and formal responses to audit reports, final audit reports, and follow-up responses to open audit recommendations.


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