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Our Mission

To bring together supply chain performance areas and other associated metrics to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the DoD/Navy supply chain response to customer requirements and material readiness.

Logistics Cell

Logistics Cell

  • Business Transformation, Innovation, and Collaboration through Information Technology
  • Stakeholders, cross-functional teams, and customers can easily understand relationships, thus making better, faster, and more informed decisions
  • Interactive dashboards with charts, scorecards, reports, and drilldowns allow users to navigate and display information at various levels (Aircraft T/M/S, LRC, NIIN/NSN, etc.)
  • Detailed selection screens provide additional selection and filter options with drilldowns to underlying information that can easily be exported into MS Excel, PDF, CSV, and XML formats for further analysis.
  • 9 performance areas provide key planning and execution data so teams can plan, track, report, and analyze performance to further improve processes and readiness.

Performance Areas

Performance Areas

These performance areas allow for tracking, reporting, and analyzing of data

Order Fulfillment

  • Report how well retail sites are prepared
  • Fill Rate, UCO’s/Backorders, and Customer Wait Time

Retail Allowancing

  • Reports on responding to customer requisitions
  • Net/Gross Effectiveness, Range and Depth, and Excess Materials

Spares Procurement

  • Report internal and external lead time performance
  • Based on material planning lead times and contract delivery dates
  • Enables collaboration with suppliers and vendors to reduce lead times and variances

Repair Performance

  • Reporting at Commercial, Organic, and Depot Maintenance Inter-Service Agreements
  • Similar reporting metrics as Spares Procurement

Integrated Line of Balance (ILOB)

  • Provides 5-year supply and demand view of a material/family
  • Detailed information such as Overdue Spare & Repair inductions, Backorders, Planning Parameters, and more


  • Information as reported by Operational and Training sites/squadrons/activities
  • Flight hours, aircraft availability, readiness information
  • Historical and planning data supports budget formulation, development of allowance packages, failure analysis, and forecasting customer demands.

Forecast Accuracy

  • Demand forecasting can result in higher or lower inventory and fill rates
  • Objective is to accurately forecast demand to meet service level rates and aircraft readiness goals

Inventory Control

  • Provides Physical Inventory Dollar Values
  • Aggregates data at SYSCOM level
  • Reports Stock in Transit, Carcass Inductions, and IR/GR mismatches

Outfitting Performance

  • Provides reporting of Sales Quotes and Outfitting Requisitions
  • Buy-in/Buy-out rates reported at NIIN/Family Level


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