About NWU Type II & Type III

  1. NWU Type II and Type III should not be confused with NWU Type I (Blue/Gray). NWU Type I is a service utility uniform for all Sailors as part of their seabag. The NWU Type II/III are tactical uniforms for our expeditionary Sailors.
  2. The NWU family of uniforms is intended to replace multiple and less capable legacy uniforms, reduce the Navy’s total ownership costs, modernize the warfighter, and complete the vision of Task Force Uniform. As such, two more uniforms in the NWU series have been developed for use in the tactical expeditionary mission of today’s Navy, tailored for desert and woodland environments.
  3. NWU Type II, a desert digital camouflage uniform of four colors, will be worn by Special Warfare Operators, sailors who support them, and select NECC units.
  4. NWU Type III, a woodland digital camouflage uniform, also with four colors, will be the standard camouflage uniform worn in CONUS and while deployed as prescribed by the Combatant Commander.
  5. NWU Type II and Type III are unisex.
  6. NWU Type II and III were developed by Naval Special Warfare Command (NSWC) to increase the probability of mission success and survivability in combat operations. The NWU Type II uniform is designed for desert, tundra and arid regions. The NWU Type III uniform is designed for woodland, jungle and temperate regions.
  7. NWU Type II and Type III are organizational clothing and will be issued by authorized commands or units to Sailors. The uniforms will remain the property of the issuing command.
  8. The desert camouflage uniform (DCU) and woodland camouflage utility uniform (CUU) are no longer authorized (as of June 2012). They have been replaced by the NWU Type III which is the new standard camouflage uniform worn in CONUS, and can be worn while deployed as prescribed by combatant commanders. Occasion for wear of the NWU Type III is the same as the old woodland camouflage utility uniform per NAVADMIN 259/11.

US Navy Working Uniform Boot - Coyote Brown

Belleville Boot Company

Belleville Boot

Style Sabre #533 Non Safety Toe
Certification # 25-CY-27-002371-225

Style Sabre #533ST Safety Toe
Certification # 25-CY-27-002375-225-88

Rocky Brand

Rocky Brand Boot

Style #S2V 104 Non Safety Toe
Certification # 25-CY-27-002372-225-01

Style #S2V 104-1 Non Safety Toe lined
Certification # 25-CY-27-002374-225-02

Style # S2V 6104 Safety Toe
Certification # 25-CY-27-002373-225-88

Summary of the Permetherin Evaluation for NWU Type II/III

The Permethrin Treatment levels are governed by the EPA registration application amount of 0.52%w/w add-on. A small scale evaluation program was conducted to determine if permethrin could be applied to the Type II and Type III Navy Working Uniforms as these fabric types have not been evaluated in the past, to determine the durability to home laundering and to determine the treatment afforded protection as compared to the untreated NWU Type II and III. Two methods of application were evaluated; the traditional tumble application method and a propitiatory spray application method. The results of the evaluation from both methods indicate that the NWU Type II and III fabrics can successfully be permethrin treated, it is durable to home laundering and does afford protection above the untreated NWU Type II and III fabrics.

News & Updates

  • August 4, 2016 - NAVADMIN 174/16 - Uniform Policy Update
  • February 07, 2014 - NAVADMIN 025/14 - Navy Uniform Regulations Update
  • June 12, 2012 - CPF & USFF Joint Message Concerning Guidance on Requesting Fleet Commander Approval for Wear of the NWU Type III
  • May 12, 2012 - NAVADMIN 164/12 - Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Approved Uniform Policy Changes
  • December 2, 2011 - NAVADMIN 366/11 - Navy Working Uniform Type I, II and III Expanded Occasion for Wear and Revised Manner of Wear
  • August 30, 2011 - NNS110830-12 - CNO Approves Desert, Woodland Camouflage Final Designs
  • August 29, 2011 - NAVADMIN 259-11 - Navy Working Uniform Type I, II, and III, Camouflage Utility Uniforms
  • August 10, 2010 - NAVADMIN 287-10 - NWU Seabag Inspection
  • August 10, 2010 - NAVADMIN 265-10 - Conformance Test Announced
  • August 9, 2010 - NNS100809-02 - Conformance Testing Begins for Navy's Newest Working Uniforms
  • December 2009 - NAVADMIN 374-09 - Navy Working Uniform Type II and III Approval
  • June 29, 2009 - NAVADMIN 188-09 - Navy Working Uniform Wear Policy


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