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Types of Move


NOTE:  All combined shipments must not exceed full weight allowance.

Type Definition
PCS Permanent Change of Station. Assignment, detail or transfer to a different location that does not specify the duty as temporary. May have a Household Good (HHG) move, Personally Procured Move (PPM) or a combination of both move types.
Members who use their own Privately Owned Vehilce (POV) to perform a PPM are not authorized to request the advance operating allowance.
RETIREMENT Members are authorized to ship to Home of Selection (HOS); may perform HHG move, PPM or a combination of both move types and/or place items into Non-Temporary Storage (NTS or long term storage). Member has one year from the date of retirement to utilize their move allowance.
Items placed into NTS will have an expiration date of one year from the date of retirement.
HOME OF RECORD The place recorded as the individuals home when commissioned, appointed, enlisted, inducted or ordered into a tour of active duty.
Members may request a shipment from their home of record to their first Permanent Duty Station (PDS); may request a basic HHG shipment or PPM or a combination of both as long as the combined weight does not exceed the entitlement they had upon time of enlistment/commission.
NEW SPOUSE Members may move the property of a new spouse as long as the property was in the member‘s possession PRIOR TO the effective date of orders.Members who acquire property AFTER the effective date of orders must wait until issuance of new PCS orders to move acquied property.
The effective date = report date minus number of travel days plus one day.
Members may move acquired property as a HHG shipment or PPM or combine shipment types as long as their is an entitlement remaining on their orders.
SEPARATION Members authorized to ship property to Home of Record or Place of Enlistment.  May perform a HHG move, a PPM or a combination of both move types but all combined shipments must not exceed full weight allowance.  Separating members are not authorized an advance if performing a PPM.
Home Port Change Considered the same as a Permanent Change of Station (PCS), not all members will qualify for Home Port Change (HPC) orders. Members who qualify may move property to new home port; may have a full HHG shipment or Personally Procured Move or a combination of the two shipment types, as long as members do not exceed their full JTR weight entitlement. Arrangements for shipment of one (1) POV (if authorized) during HPC are made between the Command (assigned Vessel Move Coordinator (VMC)), Joint Personal Property Shipping Office and the Vehicle Processing Center (VPC).

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