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Privately Owned Vehicle (Personal Cars)

What can be shipped in the car; vehicle requirements; drop off and pick up locations; and other information will be discussed on this page.

Shipping a POV  

Provides information on: what can or can not be shipped in the vehicle; your responsibilities; vendor responsibilities, etc.

Storing a POV  

Information on what can or can not be stored in the vehicle; responsibilites; insurance, etc.

Pick up POV OCONUS  

Arrived at Overseas location and need to pick up your vehicle.

Turn in POV CONUS  

Need to drop of your vehicle for shipment in conjunction with Permanent Change of Station orders.

Pick up POV CONUS  

Ready to pick up your vehicle.

POV Locator  
Instructions for dropping off/picking up a POV
IAL Informational Flyer  
General information on storage, transportation and homeport unit moves.
IA POV Virtual Brief Flyer  
General information on brief dates/times
Shipping POV's video  
Basic information on shipping your POV

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