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Contracting Services procure supplies and services for all non-contracting Navy activities that comprise the Navy Field Contracting System (NFCS) for which no other Navy Head of Contracting Activity (HCA) is delegated contracting authority and conduct the periodic oversight of NFCS activities executing NAVSUP HCA delegated contracting authority.

Customer Advisory: FY24 Expiring Funds, FY25 Service Renewals

The Contracting Process

The Contracting Process

NAVSUP Contracting Applications

If you need to submit a requirement to NAVSUP for contract action, please visit the NAVSUP Procurement Tracker. (Secure PKI Login Required)

NAVSUP Contracting Knowledge Site
If you would like to learn more about NAVSUP's contracting processes, please visit the NAVSUP Contracting Knowledge Site. (Secure PKI Login Required)

NAVSUP Funding Document Manager (FDM)
If you need to submit a Navy PR or RCP, please visit the NAVSUP Funding Document Manager. (Secure PKI Login Required)

Small Business Opportunities
If you are a small business and would like to be added to the NAVSUP Interested Vendor Database, please complete the NAVSUP Interested Vendor Form.

Field Contracting Activities

NAVSUP FLCs are strategically located throughout the United States and overseas.

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