NOFORN is defined as information and/or hardware concerning the design, arrangement, development, manufacturing, testing, operation, administration, training, maintenance, and repair of the propulsion plants of Naval Nuclear Powered Ships, including the associated shipboard and shore-based nuclear support facilities. When NOFORN applies, appropriate safeguards must be proposed by the contractor, and approved by the Contracting Officer for Security for the safeguarding from actual, potential, or inadvertent release by the contractor, or any subcontractor, of any NNPI (NOFORN) in any form, classified or unclassified. Such safeguards shall ensure that only governmental and contractor parties, including subcontractors that have an established need-to-know, have access in order to perform work under a contract, and then only under conditions which assure that the information is properly protected. Access by foreign nationals or immigrant aliens is not permitted. A foreign national or immigrant alien is defined as a person not a United States citizen or a United States national. United States citizens representing a foreign government, foreign private interests or other foreign nationals, are considered to be foreign nationals for industrial security purposes and the purpose of this restriction. In addition, any and all issue or release of such information beyond such necessary parties, whether or not ordered through an administrative or judicial tribunal, shall be brought to the attention of the Contracting Officer for Security.

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