Mission Statement

Implement an official mail management policy and procedures for the use of the NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center, Jacksonville, FL. Develop a manageable and viable customer service friendly product that provides timely postal support in accordance with established DOD standards.

The Director of Postal Operations Southeast Region has overall responsibility for postal operations for NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Jacksonville, Florida. He is responsible for developing postal policies, managerial oversight and control over regional official mail operations. He must ensure efficient utilization of assets and compliance with Department of Defense (DOD) and Department of Navy (DON) instructions along with all domestic and international U.S. Postal Service policy. Reviews and recommends changes to U.S. Postal levels of service to area installations and serves as advisor on Navy Postal Affairs with the Southeast Region chain of command.

Represent the CNRSE on all policy matters; provides functional direction to the official mail managers within CNRSE; assures that official mail procedures in use throughout the CNRSE are cost-effective and that adequate official mail training is available to CNRSE official mail managers. Ensure that knowledge of the latest advances in mail processing equipment, supplies, and services is disseminated to NAVSUP FLC Jacksonville Official Mail Managers and Mailroom Personnel.

Initiates, reviews, analyzes, revises, and interprets DOD policies and practices to improve NAVSUP FLC Jacksonville official mail operations. This includes processing of incoming, outgoing, and internal mail and mail center management. Analyzes policies and procedure changes made by the U.S. Postal Service to determine affects on the official mail program and prepares changes as necessary. Provides technical advice and leadership in formulating policies, plans, and programs for the improvement of official mail service throughout the region.

Training Requirements

In order to meet the minimum requirements mandated by DOD Official Mail Manual (4525.8-M and Navy Official Mail Management Instructions (5218.7C) for personnel entering into mail handling duties, the below training modules were developed by NAVSUP FLC Jacksonville for all Detachment Official Mail managers (OMMs) and all tenant commands OMMs.

Please go to the NAVSUP Training page to take CURRENT training for Mail personnel. If you do not have a registered CAC, you may take the training using the links below, but you will not be able to record completion (no training certificate).

Official Mail Manager Training: OMM training link (printed certificate only)
NAVSUP FLC Jacksonville Official Mail Managers (OMMs) shall complete the attached training within 4 months after assignment as OMM. Additionally, this training can be used to train all Tenant Commands OMMs, this will ensure all OMMs are trained to perform all their required duties and maintain proficiency.

NAVSUP FLC Mailroom Security Training: MS training link (printed certificate only)
This training guide provides recommended guidance on procedures to protect the mail and mailroom employees. It also provides measures to help you assess, prevent and respond to threats via U.S. Mail. This is an annual requirement, all mail center employees must complete this training NLT 1 October each year.

NAVSUP FLC Mail Orderly Training: MO training link (printed certificate only)
This module provides the minimum training requirements needed before entering into mail handling duties. This training does replace face to face training for command/unit mail orderlies, however, it can be used when such training is not available of difficult to obtain. Every command/unit mail orderly must complete this training module and complete the OPNAV Form 5112/1, a copy must be provided to the servicing mail center.

NAVSUP FLC Jacksonville Mail Customer Service Guide: CSG training link
This guide was developed in 2013 specifically for the customer, the person actually preparing the mail piece for mailing. It was not designed to replace any existing instruction or directive; however, it should be used as a ready reference and desk guide.

Web E-Invitations

NAVSUP FLC Jacksonville has partnered with the U.S. Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) to offer the E-Invitation application as the alternative method for sending announcements and receiving RSVPs electronically. It convenient, easy to use and best of all its free. You can create and send your own announcements right from your desktop computer, absolutely free.

Web E-invitations is provided by the Air Force Institute of Technology and is available to members of the United States Military or Government activities having a valid .mil, .gov, or email address. E-invitations can be used for electronic invitations and responses

E-invitations can be used for paper invitations and email/phone responses.

Training is available when you log-into the site for the first time via a getting started video at the link New! Watch a step-by-step tutorial! Many standard questions are answered within the FAQ and Tips & Tricks sections of the site. For trouble shooting questions and concerns is available.

This is one more cost saving initiative that we would like to see implemented when every possible. This does not take the place of the traditional invitations, but a viable alternative.

Contact Information

Director of Postal Operation is located in Building 110 of the Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Jacksonville.

Official Mailing Address:
Jacksonville Mail Center
P.O. Box 97
Naval Air Station
Jacksonville, FL 3312-0097

Director of Postal Operations:
(904) 542-1157
DSN 942-1157
FAX (904) 542-0467

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