November 19-21, 2019

NAVSUP FLCSI will host Ship Repair Industry Day on 19-21 NOVEMBER 2019 at Piraeus Port in Athens, Greece.

The intent of this industry day is to meet companies interested in supporting contracts for ship repair of the U.S. Navy and Military Sealift Command (MSC) vessels and provide information of our ships, engineering details and contracting processes.

On 19 November, the Ship Repair Industry Day will provide the explanation of our ship repairs requirements and the contracting process to be followed for the awarding of the contracts. The first day of meetings will be held onboard the onboard the USNS CARSON CITY (T EFP 7), one of MSC&s Expeditionary Fast Transport vessels, which have the most major repairs in Europe of any of our ships

During the second and third days, each company will be assigned a group and can attend an all‐day ship check detailing the upcoming Regular Overhaul (ROH) dry dock solicitation supporting the USNS CARSON CITY (T EPF 7) on one day, and on the other day, companies will have an opportunity for one on one sessions with our contracting and engineering experts to ask questions and/or to relay information about your company and capabilities.

Additionally, we will have contracting specialists available to assist with registering your company in EURONECO (website where our solicitations and awards are posted) and Service Acquisition Management SAM (website to register your company to do business with the U.S. Government) at the Grand Hyatt Athens.

MSC will also have a separate ship tour session outside of the ship check that will focus on general details of the USNS CARSON CITY (T EPF 7) and highlight general types of emergent repairs we see during our Regular Overhaul (ROH), Mid‐Term Availabilities (MTAs) and Voyage Repairs (VR).

We hope you participate in our industry event as we look to increase our vendor base for ship repairs of vessels in Europe.

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