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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Defense Personal Property System (DPS)

Go to and under the Customer side click on Register as a Customer (We recommend using your personal email and password and NOT your CAC to ensure you have access to DPS while travelling and if your CAC expires). Follow the instructions and complete the request for an account. DPS will mail you additional instructions (it can take up to 24 hours to receive a confirmation email).

Users should first ensure they are using an operating system compatible with DPS. DPS is compatible with Internet Explorer 10-11, Google Chrome 25 and later, Firefox 24 and later, Safari 5.1.7 (MAC) and Microsoft Edge. Some APPLE users experience connectivity issues. Ensure popup blockers are turned off BEFORE logging in to DPS. If you are still experiencing connectivity issues, you can call the 24/7 DPS Help Desk at 1-800-462-2176 (option 5), they are available 24/7 to assist with technical issues.

Users can find instructions for requesting a new password by clicking “Forgot Password?” Under the Customer column at

After creating a profile and entering orders information see our guide 'Create a HHG Shipment'

Members must submit an online application using the Defense Personal Property System (DPS) to request the release of their NTS shipment. See our 'Non-Temp Storage Release Guide'

If members have not received a confirmation email regarding their shipment request within ten (10) business days from the pickup date, they should contact the responsible origin counseling office. **Remember – applications cannot be processed until orders, signed DD Forms 1299 & 1797, and other supporting documents have been received.

DD Form 1299 (Application for Shipment and/or Storage) and DD Form 1797 (Counseling Checklist) can be printed by logging into your DPS account. Once logged in, click the Self-Counseling” tab, locate the correct orders number and click the printer icon in the 'Action' column. (Applications cannot be processed until SIGNED forms and orders are received.)

You do not need to have an actual delivery address to finish your application. Please leave the street address line blank, enter only the city/state of destination. Click here for our guide on navigating DPS if you have no delivery address.

There are several reasons why DPS might show an excess cost. Do not let this prevent you from submitting your application. Excess costs may be assigned if the member has exceeded their weight entitlement, request pickup or delivery to a location other than authorized or have multiple shipment requests under the same orders number. For additional guidance, please contact your local Personal Property Office or email Please provide members’ name and last four of SSN so staff can locate shipment in question.


If the shipment has been awarded to a Transportation Service Provider (TSP or carrier) you need to contact them first to see if they can accommodate the new dates. If they can, they need to enter the new agreed upon dates into DPS. If the shipment has not been awarded, you will need to contact the origin Personal Property Office ASAP to possibly obtain a different mover that can accommodate the new dates.

There is no rule regarding the tipping of your movers however, if your movers/packers request a tip, you should immediately contact the responsible Personal Property Office.



After creating a profile and entering orders information see our guide “Create a PPM Shipment”

Per NAVSUP Advisory 2018-04, 25 Jun 18, instruction, Navy requires one EMPTY and one FULL weight ticket. Weight tickets can be obtained at origin, destination or combination thereof. Weight tickets MUST be from a CERTIFIED weight scale and SIGNED by the weight master. Members should write their name and the last four digits of their SSN on all documents submitted with their claim packet (i.e., weight tickets, rental contract, receipts, etc.).

Members who use a rental truck/trailer, hire movers directly or use a container service to perform their PPM, may request an advance unless they are first time movers or separating from service. Members who use their own POV to perform their PPM are not authorized an advance operating allowance.


Members who ship household goods are entitled to 90 days of temporary Storage-in-Transit (SIT). SIT may be used at origin, destination or an in-between location (your Transportation Office will decide). Members may request an additional 90 days of storage however ALL requests are being scrutinized carefully. Requests will not be approved for the members’ convenience (i.e., awaiting a house being built, smaller housing chosen, etc.).

The TSP is required to remove all packing materials and boxes they unpack on the day of delivery ONLY. If a member elects to unpack their belongings, the TSP is not required to return and pick up debris after the day of delivery. There are very few exceptions to this policy, contact your local Personal Property Office QA for details.

If members need an extension for storage they must contact the responsible Personal Property Office for further instruction. Members should include a copy of orders and a completed DD Form 1857 (please include the type of storage - temporary (SIT) or long term (NTS) and the location (city/state) of where items are being stored) If you need further assistance email

If separating/retiring members are requesting an extension of their shipping entitlement for medical or educational reasons, a written request, separation/retirement orders and supporting documentation should be sent to If separating/retiring members are requesting an extension for any other reason, send email and all supporting documents to THIS DOES NOT EXTEND YOUR STORAGE ENTITLEMENT.

Delivery arrangements are made between the member and the assigned Transportation Service Provider (TSP). Members may submit a delivery request online in DPS, please see for instructions or contact their TSP directly to schedule a delivery.

Members make arrangements to pick up their vehicle directly with the Vehicle Processing Center (VPC). To locate the nearest VPC and schedule pickup, visit If the POV was shipped with household goods, members will make delivery arrangements with the assigned Transportation Service Provider (TSP).


Claims for Loss and Damage to your HHG are filed directly to the TSP in DPS. Information on the claims process can be found at: To reach your service Military Claims Office, go to:

If DPS was used to arrange the shipment, claims for loss/damages are submitted online using DPS. The Transportation Service Provider (TSP) will review the claim online and communicate settlement directly through DPS. The TSP has sixty days to pay, deny or make an offer of settlement on the claim. If an offer is accepted, the TSP has 30 days to make payment. If the member has not heard from their TSP within that timeframe they should notify the responsible destination Personal Property Office. Members may also transfer part or all of the claim to their Military Claims Office (MCO). Navy MCO can be contacted by email at For additional information on claims click here.

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