Fuels (Code 700)

Primary Mission
  •  Provide CL III MILSPEC petroleum products to all military branches and services
  •  Operate the highest volume DoD fuel complex, processing approximately 34% of Navy global fuel throughput and the only strategic level East Coast DFSP with sufficient JP5 and F76 storage capability to service CVNs, L-Decks and the CLF fleet
  •  Flightline and retail fueling and lubricant operations

Products and Services
  •  CL III Petroleum/Oil/Lubricant Management
  •  F76, JP5, F24 bulk fuel delivery
  •  Retail fuel support

Operating Locations
  •  Craney Island
  •  Sewell’s Point
  •  NAS Oceana
  •  Chamber’s Field
  •  Little Creek/Fort Story

  •  MSC CLF ships
  •  All DoD components including major AF bases
  •  Naval Air Stations
  •  Navy/Coast Guard/Army ships

Point of Contact
Department Director:  757-322-9006


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