Operations (Code 430)

Primary Mission
  •  Entry point for Fleet interactions with the NAVSUP Enterprise
  •  Primary advocate and liaison between Fleet customers and service providers, brokering customer requirements for information, material, assistance, and services.
  •  Support and coordinate operational logistics planning, and coordinate exercise engagement.
  •  Training and Support Team engagement with Fleet customers in key quality of life areas

Products and Services
  •  Global Logistics & Husbanding Services (GLH)
  •  Navy Food Management Team (NFMT) and Food Service Program (FSP)
  •  Fleet Assist Team (FAT)
  •  Navy Cash Program (NCP)
  •  Logistics Support Representative (LSR) (NCP)
  •  Assists Provision Ordering Support
  •  Pharmaceutical Ordering Support

Operating Locations
  •  Naval Station Norfolk
  •  Naval Air Station Jacksonville (Field Examination Group Det)
  •  SUBASE New London (NFMT Det)

  •  Surface Forces, Atlantic
  •  Air Forces, Atlantic
  •  Submarine Forces, Atlantic
  •  Military Sealift Command
  •  Global Distance Support Center (USN, USMC, Joint and Allied)

Department POC
(747) 443-1564



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