Mission Statement

The primary responsibilities of The NAVSUP FLCN NDW Postal Division is to develop a manageable and viable customer service friendly product that provide guidance and instructions in implementing the Navy Official Mail Cost Control Program (NOMCCP) with emphasis on classes, contents, special and supplemental services, security, accountability and delivery requirements of mail being shipped at the most economical cost.

The Director of Postal Operations NDW Region has overall responsibility for postal operations for NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Norfolk, Naval District Washington which includes the District of Columbia, Maryland and Northern Virginia. The Director is responsible for developing postal policies, managerial oversight and control over regional official mail operations. The Director must ensure efficient utilization of assets and compliance with Department of Defense (DOD) and Department of Navy (DON) instructions along with all domestic and international U.S. Postal Service policy. Reviews and recommends changes to U.S. Postal levels of service to area installations and serves as advisor on Navy Postal Affairs with the Southeast Region chain of command.

Represent the NAVSUP FLCN NDW on all policy matters; provides functional direction to the official mail managers within National Capitol region (NCR); assures that official mail procedures in use throughout the NCR are cost-effective and that adequate official mail training is available to NCR official mail managers. Ensure that knowledge of the latest advances in mail processing equipment, supplies, and services is disseminated to NAVSUP FLCN NDW Official Mail Managers and Mailroom Personnel.

Initiates, reviews, analyzes, revises, and interprets DOD policies and practices to improve NAVSUP FLCN NDW official mail operations. This includes processing of incoming, outgoing, and internal mail and mail center management. Analyzes policies and procedure changes made by the U.S. Postal Service to determine effects on the official mail program and prepares changes as necessary. Provides technical advice and leadership in formulating policies, plans, and programs for the improvement of official mail service throughout the region.

Training Requirements

In order to meet the minimum requirements mandated by Military Postal Service Procedures Manual (MPM), Postal Management Procedures (NAVSUPINST 5112.1) , and Navy Official Mail Management Instructions (5218.7D) for personnel entering into mail handling duties, the below training modules were developed by NAVSUP FLC Norfolk, NDW det. for all Detachment Official Mail managers (OMMs) and all tenant commands OMMs.

Individuals handling Official Mail must be designated by their command/activity/organization as a mail orderly and have in their possession a DD Form 285 while performing mail handling duties. Per the references, each command/activity/organization is required to have an Official Mail Manager (OMM) appointed on command letterhead. An OMM must complete OMM training within 4 months of designation. A copy of the designation letter and OMM Training certificate must be provided to the NAVSUP FLCN NDW Postal Division or the local supporting Official Mail Center (OMC) within the allotted period or services may be revoked. OMM Training certification can be obtained by completing the locally produced NAVSUP FLCN NDW training (link below). OMM’s must also complete the NAVEDTRA Official Mail Management training course or OMM training offered on NKO. All OMM’s are required to be E-6/GS-9 or above. Commands OMM’s and mail orderlies must conduct annual refresher training and sign the OPNAV 5112/1, Offenses Against the Mail Statement, during refresher training. Updated copies of these documents will be submitted to the NAVSUP FLCN NDW Postal Division or the local supporting OMC.

Official Mail Manager Training: OMM training link (printed certificate only)

NAVSUP FLC FLCN NDW Official Mail Managers (OMMs) shall complete the attached training upon appointment as well as completing the NAVEDTRA Official Mail Management training course within 4 months after assignment as OMM. Additionally, this training can be used to train all Tenant Commands OMMs, this will ensure all OMMs are trained to perform all their required duties and maintain proficiency.
Official Mail Manager Training

NAVSUP FLCN NDW Mailroom Security Training: MS training link (printed certificate only)

This training guide provides recommended guidance on procedures to protect the mail and mailroom employees. It also provides measures to help you assess, prevent and respond to threats via U.S. Mail. This is an annual requirement, all mail center employees must complete this training NLT 1 October each year.
GSA Mail Security Guide Fourth Edition
Mail Security Presentation

NAVSUP FLCN NDW Mail Orderly Training: MO training link (printed certificate only)

This module provides the minimum training requirements needed before entering into mail handling duties. This training does replace face to face training for command/unit mail orderlies, however, it can be used when such training is not available of difficult to obtain. Every command/unit mail orderly must complete this training module and complete the OPNAV Form 5112/1, a copy must be provided to the servicing mail center.
Mail Orderly Training

NAVSUP FLCN NDW Mail Customer Service Guide: CSG training link

This guide was developed specifically for the customer, the person actually preparing the mail piece for mailing. It was not designed to replace any existing instruction or directive; however, it should be used as a ready reference and desk guide.
Mail Customer Service Guide

Contact Information

Director of Postal Operation is located in Building 94 on Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling.
Official Mailing Address:
NAVSUP FLCN NDW Postal Division
2822 Doherty Drive SW
Washington DC 20373-5899

Director of Postal Operations:
(202) 685-0901
DSN 325-0901
FAX (202) 433-6479
Washington DC 20373-5899
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