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MECH CML: 717-605-XXXX

94 Nuclear Reactors Supply Chain Mgmt Directorate x2264

Code Department Extension
941 Nuclear Resource Management Dept x4581
942 Nuclear Support Management Dept x4361
943 Nuclear Material Acquisition Dept x2736
944 Nuclear Supplier Value Management Dept x7461
945 Nuclear Customer Value Management Dept x1603

95 Amphibious & Expeditionary Operations Directorate x4145

Code Department Extension
951 Amphibious Integrated Weapon System Team x3542
952 Expeditionary Integrated Weapon System Team x2154
953 Hull, Mechanical & Electrical (HM&E) Common Sys Dept x6701
954 Material Handling Equipment (MHE) Department x1089
955 Logistics Support Department x3937

96 Surface Operations Directorate x2845

Code Department Extension
961 CRUDES Integrated Weapon System Team x3322
962 Littoral Integrated Weapon System Team x6701
963 Common Electronics System Department x6377
96F Fitting Out Supply Assistance Team x4470

97 Submarine, Aircraft Carrier and Industrial Ops Directorate x3571

Code Department Extension
971 Submarine Integrated Weapon System Team  
972 Aircraft Carrier Integrated Weapon System Team  
973 Industrial Support Team  

Price Fighters Department Staff

The Price Fighter department staff has a Department Head and three Division Directors.

Department Head

Code N25, Telephone Number (757) 443-2468

Aviation Systems Support Division

Code N251, Telephone Number (757) 443-2005

Primary functions include:
Aviation Weapon System Contract Proposal Evaluation Technical Data Package Review

Repairable and Spares Support Division

Code N252, Telephone Number (757) 443-2012 or PCH (757) 443-2429

Surface Systems Support Division

Code N253, Telephone Number (757) 443-2455

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