The Mission of NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support (NAVSUP WSS) (formerly known as Naval Inventory Control Point (NAVICP)) is to provide Navy, Marine Corps, Joint and Allied Forces program and supply support for the weapon systems that keep our Naval forces MISSION READY. This mission is carried out by a single command organization operating in Mechanicsburg, Pa, Norfolk, VA and Philadelphia, PA.

History of NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support

Our Legacy: Tracing our roots back to the establishment of the Naval Aircraft Factory in 1917, NAVSUP WSS is a testament to the evolution of naval support. In 1995, a pivotal merger occurred, blending the expertise of the Aviation Supply Office (ASO), founded in 1941 at the Naval Aircraft Factory, and the Ships Parts Control Center (SPCC) established in 1945. This union aimed to centralize the Navy's inventory control functions under one command, streamlining processes, and ensuring quality supplies and services for Navy, Marine Corps, Joint, and Allied Forces. Today, with a legacy spanning decades, NAVSUP WSS stands as the embodiment of naval supply excellence, ensuring our naval forces' readiness and efficiency.
On July 1, 2011, Naval Inventory Control Point's name changed to NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support as a result of a Naval Supply Systems Command One NAVSUP, Enterprise-wide branding initiative where each NAVSUP activity supports the "Global Logistics Support Network" as a node in the network vice as an individual entity. No organization structural changes were made.

Our Reach & Innovations: Our presence is felt across three strategic locations: Mechanicsburg, Norfolk, and Philadelphia. From these hubs, our dedicated teams manage operational readiness for almost 300 deployable ships, 92 submarines, and 3,700 aircraft worldwide. Overseeing an impressive inventory worth $34 billion, we handle over half a million yearly demands. But we're not just about numbers. NAVSUP WSS is at the forefront of supply chain advancements. By harnessing the power of innovations like the LOGCELL 2.0 IT system and the Wholesale Inventory Optimization Model (WIOM), we've positioned ourselves as leaders in the supply chain space, offering expedited decision-making and optimal inventory management.

Our Commitment & Collaboration: Comprising a diverse team of logisticians, engineers, analysts, and contracting professionals, NAVSUP WSS acts as a pivotal link, guaranteeing naval forces have what they need, precisely when and where it's needed. As the Navy’s end-to-end supply chain integrator, we cultivate collaborations across the supply chain, solidifying unparalleled readiness. We understand the intricacies of every material requirement and synchronize all resources to deliver combat readiness. In essence, we are the nexus that connects the supply chain to the warfighter.

Our Vision for the Future: As global dynamics shift, the Navy's strategic focus remains clear. Facing the 21st-century challenges head-on, NAVSUP WSS continuously delivers the warfighter advantage. Our mantra is not just about forecasting or being predictive; it's about being prescriptive. By leveraging advancements and maintaining a holistic approach, we're consistently achieving higher mission capable rates across our fleet. Looking ahead, our mission is clear: refine our processes, enhance our capabilities, and foster a diverse and skilled team that champions naval readiness. In the relentless pursuit of naval readiness, we stand resolute, ensuring our forces have the essentials they need. We are NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support – The link between the supply chain and the warfighter!


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