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NAVSUP WSS is tasked with processing manual Design Change Notice (DCN) documentation when automated DCNs cannot be prepared. This is done as follow-on support to the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) process. The primary purpose of DCN documentation is to introduce the new configuration into the Naval supply system using in-house provisioning. DCN provisioning is accomplished by the Integrated Weapon Support Team (IWST) personnel responsible for support of the weapon system affected by the ECP. Introduction of the new configuration includes supporting spares and repair parts. The IWST DCN processor is responsible for ensuring that all DCN data required to support the new configuration is complete and accurate. If not, the NAVSUP WSS Configuration Management Team will provide feedback to the DCN preparer to resolve DCN data discrepancies.

The information provided on the DCN is crucial to establishing a new configuration that reflects its intended use on the weapon system. Additionally, associated engineering data (drawings) must be included. Engineering data provides identifiable characteristics associated with National Stock Number (NSN) items. These characteristics are mandatory logistic/technical data requirements governed by DOD cataloging policy. Data extracted from the DCN and associated technical data will reside in the Defense Logistics Information Services (DLIS) data repository. Additional data will reside in the NAVSUP WSS Master Item File (MIF), including non-stock numbered items.

The manual DCN requirement is driven primarily by a NAVAIR approved ECP. The ECP provides background information to the DCN preparer on why the new configuration is being introduced. Although not a mandatory requirement for the DCN preparer, the ECP will enhance the preparer's ability to make informed decisions regarding development of the DCN package. The ECP contains Cost & Funding Summary and Milestone information that enables the DCN preparer to determine delivery schedules for the new configuration's supporting documentation, such as drawings, maintenance planning, and DCN timeframes.

To provision a new configuration into the supply system using the manual DCN process, proper planning must be coordinated up-front during the ECP development and approval process. At this stage, the designated DCN preparation activity has been identified and is most likely waiting for direction pending NAVAIR approval of the ECP.

Once the ECP has been approved by NAVAIR and the DCN preparation activity has been directed to proceed with DCN development, analysis of ECP logistics data will enable the DCN preparer to produce a quality and complete DCN package. This logistics data includes technical directives; engineering data (drawings); and maintenance planning. Upon completion, the DCN package is forwarded to NAVSUP WSS. The DCN and associated data are analyzed by NAVSUP WSS for DCN provisioning action.

During the Execution stage, NAVSUP WSS will utilize the DCN and associated engineering data to validate, edit, generate, store, and propagate logistics and technical data. This data is used to identify the new configuration item and supporting spares and repair parts in the NAVSUP WSS Master Item File (MIF).

Synopsis of DCN Preparation Support Data

ECP Logistics Data

  • Description of the Engineering Change
  • Milestones
  • Technical Directive (if available)
  • Miscellaneous Logistics Data, part of the ECP

Maintenance Planning

  • Maintenance support philosophy/concept of the equipment is defined
  • Source, Maintenance, and Recoverability Code structure provided for repairable items
  • Failure Data provide

Engineering Drawings

  • Utilized by DCN preparer as a source document for DCN data
  • Utilized by NAVSUP WSS, provides logistic data coupled with DCN
  • Utilized by cataloging (satisfies DoD mandated Federal Cataloging System requirements) and packaging
  • Required to support items not currently stock numbered, including items to be managed by DLA

MANDATORY REQUIREMENT: Box 3, Critical Application Item (CAI) and Critical Safety Item (CSI) identification.

**Additional questions regarding preparation and submittal of Manual Design Change Notice (DCN) documentation to the Naval Supply Systems Command, Weapon Systems Support (NAVSUP WSS) should be directed to Commercial (215) 697-9989, DSN 442-9989.


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