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Engineering and Product Support

Mission Statement

Work together with our SYSCOMs, DoD and Industry Partners to provide our customers with timely technical solutions and engineering support ... including Engineering/Technical Program Management, Source Development, Quality & Reliability Assurance, PHS&T (Packaging, Handling, Storage and transportation), Hazardous Materials and Solid Waste Control and Management and other program/product support functions ... necessary to support warfighter dominance from the sea.

Engineering & Product Support Directorate Points of Contact

Title Directorate/Department Phone
Director Engineering & Product Support Directorate (07) (215) 697-2859
Deputy Director Engineering & Product Support Directorate (07A) (215) 697-2857
Director Engineering Department (071) (215) 697-2057
Director Product Quality Department (072) (215) 697-4004
Director Source Development Department (073) (215) 697-5985
Director Asset Protection & Pollution Prevention Department (077) (215) 697-2183
Director Price Fighters (078) (757) 443-2468

Source Development Department (Code 073)

General Information & Functions

The Source Development Department has several functions within the Naval Aviation Supply Community. We are made up of three areas of responsibility:

  • 0731 is responsible for all fixed wing and rotary wing naval aircraft parts and associated support equipment not listed below;
  • 0732 is responsible for all electronics/avionics and electronics/avionics support equipment associated with naval aviation;
  • 0733 is responsible for all engine parts and associated support equipment associated with naval aviation.

Our primary functions include:

We are the initial point of contact for all contractors seeking qualification on spares and repair of items managed by NAVICP. We review all Source Approval Requests submitted by contractors interested in obtaining source approval. We also work with suppliers to resolve technical questions before and during production. We develop Quality Assurance Provisions, which are included in the NAVICP contract and monitor technical concerns in conjunction with the Engineering Directorate of the Naval Air System Command. We team with other government entities to conduct Vendor Surveys. We provide engineering support and technical assistance to the Defense Logistics Agency's (DLA) Supply Centers. Some requests for support are processed via the DLA Form 339.

Key Guides

Points of Contact

Source Development Commodity Cognizance
Web Page: Code 0731.10, (215) 697-1236, DSN 442-1236

Navy Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transporation

Navy Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transporation (PHS&T) website

Customer Support Guide

Price Validation

The Price Fighters Hotline can be used to report suspected over-priced items in the supply system. The Price Fighter Team investigates all legitimate reports of over-pricing.

Points of Contact:
Price Challenge Hotline
DSN: 646-2006
(757) 443-2006
Fax: (757) 443-2017

View the Price Challenge Hotline

Product Quality Deficiency Report (PQDR) / Quality Deficiency Report (QDR)


A Product Quality Deficiency Report (PQDR) / Quality Deficiency Report (QDR), SF-368, is a customer's feedback, which identifies material quality deficiencies. NAVICP uses QDR data to document, investigate, and purge defective material from the supply system. Shore Commands should register their users and report PQDRs using the following Product Data Reporting and Evaluation Program (PDREP) website:

Fleet Commands (deployed units) can report PQDRs using the following EZ PQDR link or if internet connection is not possible, they can submit Category (1) (Safety Related) QDR's via priority Naval message.

Reference: NAVSUP P-485, Paragraph 4274.

Points of Contact:
Code M-85412 telephone (717) 605-2319

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