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Personally Procured Move (PPM)

PPM Top 10 Items to Consider

Are you considering packing and moving your personal items? Before making the final decision, click the button below to see items before starting the Personally Procured Move (PPM) process.

PPM Top 10 Items to Consider  

PPM Paperwork

DD3166 PPM Checklist and Expense Certification
NPPSC 7000-1 | 2017-02
This form is REQUIRED to request a PPM travel advance to PSD. Additionally, a new form MUST be submitted with the PPM package to Navy Audit.

PPM Information

Are you interested in packing up your belongs and moving it yourself? If so review the information on this tab.

Know Your Options, Required Documents and More!

PPM Handout  

Conducting a Personally Procured Move (PPM)? This handout provides helpful information for Navy members who are contemplating a PPM move.

USTC PPM handout  

Personally Procured Move Fact Sheet


Useful tool for ESTIMATING weight of your household items. List is not all inclusive.



If you plan on performing a personally procured move (PPM) by hiring a commercial moving company, please be cautious of "rogue operators" who know military families are moving.


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