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CHRIMP Logo imageThe Afloat CHRIMP (Consolidated Hazardous Reutilization & Inventory Management Program) provides processes, procedures and services that will assist ships/submarines in all aspects of HMC&M. CHRIMP processes include: centralized inventory management; procurement, storage, issue, receipt, reissue and collection, consolidation and off load of hazardous material. The CHRIMP Program reduces the quantity of HM ordered, stocked and used while effectively supporting ship’s operating requirements, meeting environmental standards and creating overall cost reduction.

Official Mailing Address: Hours of Operation Email
NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center, C-431.2
1942 Gaffney St,
Pearl Harbor, HI 96860
Joint Base PHH, HI 96860-4549
Mon-Fri 0700 - 1530
Sat/Sun/Holidays – Closed
Customer Service Phone Cell
Lead CHRIMP Technician (808) 473-7536 (808) 342-0345

Afloat CHRIMP Support Services Offer:

Afloat CHRIMP Technicians assist the fleet with the following CHRIMP/HM related functions and processes: 
  •  Pre-inspection preparations (SMC/SMI/INSURV)
  •  Conducting wall-to-wall inventories
  •  Identifying storage compliance:  Hazardous Chemical Compatibility (HCC)
  •  Conducting shelf life reviews and shelf life training
  •  Performing locker reviews
  •  Conducting Hazardous Inventory Control System Windows (HICSWIN) training
  •  Current T-SHML/SMCL updates
  •  Identifying prohibited/obsolete material
  •  Submitting SHML Feedback Report (SFR) 
  •  Identifying material for reuse (excess)/disposal (Hazardous Waste)
  •  Provide M/SDS research procedures/training/assistance
  •  Conduct HM stowage reviews/training
  •  Provide written reports of inspection preps/findings/recommendations/results 
  •  Conduct HM storeroom training and inspections
  •  Assist with preparing documentation required for any of the above tasks


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